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Title: Remembering you all the time, wishing you were here!
Post by: einatm on April 14, 2010, 06:13:40 am
I've read your book (BW) when i was pregnant. I remember the image of me sitting outside the doctor's office in the ER reading, telling Gali (in my belly) she can't come out till i finish the book. And she waited. Though she kinda scared me in the 32nd week - she waited. I had a stressed out pregnancy and until the end i was dealing with it rather than what will we do when the baby comes. Then i found you. Your kind words and your way.

I chose the path i will walk with her, you taught me respect and routine, not being hysterical and making her life easier. Your way (EASY) held her strong even with the tongue problem (tied-tongue) and with the Reflux. She's happy, she's independent, and i owe it mostly to you. Then i read the other book BWSAYP to find more answers and you assisted me in some difficulties i had. Again.

Now, before she turned 8 mons old, i finished the last book (for toddlers), choosing once again the path for us when she's turning to a toddler. I adore you, i envy the ones who could call you and ask for your advice. I wish you were here.

You left quite a legacy, i think it's safe to say you will never be forgotten.