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Title: new food sensitivites- do we go off all solids?
Post by: Austin's mom on June 10, 2010, 17:49:06 pm
DS was doing great on solids for a month now, and all of a sudden, the last week or so, he has started having icky diapers again. Very much like the ones he had when we first discovered his mspi.

He had been sensitive to peas and green beans and bananas all along, but all the other fruits and veggies had been fine. And he Loves to eat. But about a week ago, I've started to see carrots in his diaper (even though they are pureed?) and mucousy poos. So bad, that after his breakfast and dinner meal, each day, when its time for his next nap or bed, he poos as soon as I lay him down, and it upsets his whole sleep routine.

So I pulled him off all solids, except for rice cereal, but now im wondering if he could be sensitive to that too? or my other guess, is maybe his Alimentum formula, is now bothering him? because his reflux is worsening.

His eyes are super puffy and have almost swollen bags under them. I don't like it.

-did I do the right thing in pulling him off?
-Should he go off everything, including rice?
-could it be his formula, because he has been off food for 3 days and is still having icky diapers.
-If we should stay off, for how long?

Thanks (-:
Title: Re: new food sensitivites- do we go off all solids?
Post by: scarlettsmom on June 10, 2010, 20:13:40 pm
Oh no.  (((Hugs))))  poor little guy!

Sounds like he might have allergy shiners?  (the puffy eyes with circles/bags under them)  That's a big indication that something is bothering him.

I think it's fine you took him off all solids, but things that he has been on for a while, with no issues, you could start to reintroduce first (but I would wait a couple weeks to have everything clear out),.

It is possible he has a rice sensitivity/allergy - my DD2 did. 

How long has he been on the Alimentum?  Alimentum/Neutramigen still bothered my DD2, and we have to supplement with Neocate, which is amino acid based and further broken down so they can tolerate it.  However, we knew w/in the first couple of weeks that the others didn't work - how long has he been on Alimentum? 

Do you have a ped allergist?  Or a ped who is familiar with his history?  I would suggest getting an appointment and discussing some basic testing to see what else may be bothering him.

The thing is, it will take a week or two for the offending food to be out of his system (depending on what it was and how much he's ingested).  So if he's been on rice for a month and never had an issue, I wouldn't pull it.  But if you are unsure, starting from scratch and getting a safe baseline would work. 

If you pull him off everything I'd say it give it at least 2 weeks.  Probably 3.  Until you start seeing good diapers and the symptoms are gone.  Then start very slowly with foods that didn't seem to pose a problem before.  Introduce each food and wait a full week (this is how our ped allergist had us do it).

It could be the formula, but if he's been on it for a while, probably (hopefully) not,. 

Sorry this post is all over the place, running out the door, but wanted to post quickly.

Title: Re: new food sensitivites- do we go off all solids?
Post by: deb on June 10, 2010, 20:25:42 pm
Seeing bits of unchewed food in the poop isn't so unusual; as long as it's not big huge chunks, probably fine - and unless he's ingesting big chunks, which I'm guessing he's not, that's probably not the issue.

The mucous in the poop, though, I'd wonder about. Is it exactly the same formula as what you've used before? Not a generic or for an older baby? We didn't do much formula, but I know that some generics are OK for many babies but not for all, and that some sort of "step up" as baby's digestive system matures.

The shiners I'd almost be inclined to attribute to seasonal allergies; Natalie's been sniffling and sneezing up a storm on any day that isn't rainy. But the mucousy poop is another story.

Is he or was he a refluxer? Drinking more water than usual? A tummy bug combined with seasonal allergies maybe? Grasping at straws here. :-\
Title: Re: new food sensitivites- do we go off all solids?
Post by: Austin's mom on June 11, 2010, 00:43:53 am
yeah I'm just going through everything I can think of. I record everything that goes in/out so I looked back today, and its been happening since the day after his last vaccinations, 8 days ago. I'm wondering if it could be linked to that at all?

I do think the puffiness is from food allergy, since which he was put on soy a few times earlier, it instantly caused puffy eyes like this.

He has been on the Alimentum for about 12 weeks now. He did fine so far... but maybe his body just developed a sensitivity again. I'm a little concerned about having to go to Neocate, since he is so picky about taste. (he will only drink alimentum ice cold.) And Deb, its just the regular name brand hypoallergenic that he is on.

We have a ped allergist, but he was not helpful before. He turned out neg for even milk and soy, and I know there is a difference between allergy and intolerance, but he seemed unconcerned and seggested a challenge at 6 weeks... which is way too early for that intense a reaction. (his Ped said not till 1 year.)

I did make an apt for tomorrow morning with his ped....the nurse on the phone seemed concerned about me cutting out solids. I'm hoping he can get to the bottom of this... because he has had 3 awful diapers today so far, and they are getting progressivly worse by the day.

ugh. So confusing.
Title: Re: new food sensitivites- do we go off all solids?
Post by: scarlettsmom on June 11, 2010, 00:55:10 am
Could there be some byproduct in some of the solids you pulled??  The mucous in the stool was almost always dairy based for us.  

What vaccine did he get?  I had to delay several for DD2 because some were grown in a soy base, or there were milk by-products.  

That stinks about the ped allergist.  BUt sounds like your ped is on the right page.  How is he otherwise?  Any fussiness?  Sleeplessness?  Rashes or anything else?

It is SO frustrating and hard to figure out at times.  I do want to say stick with your gut!  My ped thought I was a certifiable nutcase because every challenge I did (through ME eating in and getting in my breast milk) DD2 failed.  It wasn't until she was tested and had reactions to so many foods that they believed me.  In the interim I did what I felt was best.  

Hang in there!  Your little guy is lucky to have such a wonderful mama advocating for him.  

Title: Re: new food sensitivites- do we go off all solids?
Post by: Austin's mom on June 11, 2010, 01:17:01 am
you know, I didn't think about there being milk/soy byproducts in vaccs. He got the rotavirus oral, and dtap, hib, polio, hep B. it is his 3rd round of all of them, and he didn't have anything like this before.

I have been pretty picky about the solids he is eating, everything organic purees (a few non organic if not offered) and all either single ingredient , or a combo of "safe ingredients".

He doesn't really have a rash this time. His bottom does have a red circle again, but it seems to fade in and out. But definately not "diaper rash".

He does seem to be restless after feeds more, and fussy certain times. I thought some was teething, but i'm beginning to think its food, because the tooth is still not in. like tonight he has woken several times since bed time. Other days, he has been impossible to get to sleep, because he poos as soon as he is put in the crib, so we have to get him out, change him and etc.