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Title: Nutramigen and NWs Qs
Post by: Buntybear on October 31, 2010, 16:34:03 pm

Just some after some advice from BTDT mums please  :)

DS is intolerant to dairy/wheat/soy (low positive reactions through blood tests) and maybe eggs. I BF.

For the last month we have been having long NWs. Started with stomach discomfort due to antibiotics - gurgly tummy, wind. That has subsided and we actually had a couple of STTNs last week. However the NWs have reappeared.

4 days ago I started Nutramigen in his food on advice form dietician. 30mls in his porridge for 2 days, 60mls on the 3rd day. We had a 1 hr NW on the 1st night, 2hr on the 2nd and a 3hr and then a 1.5hr last night!

He is happy in the day. First 2 nights I wouldn't say he was in discomfort particulary. Last night right at the end of the 3 hrs NW he passed wind and immediatley settled.

My Qs are;

1) Are these NWs likely to be associated with intolerances? Odd that he seems to be OK in the day? Poo is normal - never had any blood or mucous. Eczema is flaring a little but this could be due to weather. He does arch his back in his cot and when he is held.

2) What reactions have LOs had to Nutramigen? I know every LO is different but just looking for some general signs that I could look out for.

I know this all seems a bit hazy but I am grasping at straws in my sleep deprived state!

PS I have a thread open on the NWs which I will go and update now.
Title: Re: Nutramigen and NWs Qs
Post by: scarlettsmom on November 01, 2010, 23:42:03 pm

(((hugs))) that must be exhausting! 

Since you just started the Nutramigen I think it could be possible for a baby with a really sensitive stomach to be adjusting to it and possibly being uncomfortable from the new food in his system.  If he had a severe intolerance he could be having trouble digesting the proteins in the formula.  Have you eliminated the foods he has issues with from your diet?  Could anything else be going on...teething, cold?

With my DD2 she was happy when awake (while we were getting her intolerances sorted out), but miserable at night....our ped GI said some of that was because she was moving during the day, which can help work out gas, tummy pain, distraction, etc., and at night, lying down and being stationary, with no distractions, made it harder.

Hope this helps a little and hope we can figure it out soon.

Maybe some other mamas wih Nutramagin experience will pop on too.
Title: Re: Nutramigen and NWs Qs
Post by: Buntybear on November 28, 2010, 19:10:10 pm
Thanks Tari. Well we went onto Nutramigen AA in the end for a couple of days and he had NWs. Gave up again and spoke to dietician who said it was highly unlikely he was reacting to the proteins - could be he is intolerant to one of the ingrediants.  She advised to continue with it but I haven't plucked up the courange yet!
Title: Re: Nutramigen and NWs Qs
Post by: scarlettsmom on November 29, 2010, 19:00:17 pm
Could you ask to trial neocate or elecare? 
Title: Re: Nutramigen and NWs Qs
Post by: Buntybear on November 29, 2010, 19:55:25 pm
I could certainly ask. Is Neocate different to Nutramigen?? Other than being a differnet brand obviously  ;)
Title: Re: Nutramigen and NWs Qs
Post by: ole on November 29, 2010, 20:20:08 pm
Both DSs were on Nutramagin. ODS did great on it right from the beginning (and I did the same as you, BF and supplement) YDS did okay but spit up quite a bit more than even sensitive formula (but has the milk allergy so couldnt be on it) Switched to Alimentum and he didnt spit up anymore. Not sure exactly why but the makeup of the formula is slightly different. If it doesnt get better I would say you need to try Neocate which is a completely milk protein free formula.
Title: Re: Nutramigen and NWs Qs
Post by: scarlettsmom on December 01, 2010, 15:30:23 pm
Yes, Neocate or Elecare proteins are broken down even further than nutramigen or alimentum. There should be very little to irritate your LOs tummy.  It is very pricey though, so asking for a sample and then getting a prescription for it would be the way to go.