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Title: Facebook and BW
Post by: Site Admin Team on March 23, 2011, 21:01:55 pm
As we are all aware, the BW community is a very loving and suppotive environment. In order to keep it that way, we must all be aware that occasionally members post very personal, private details of their lives, and may wish to keep those details private. Many members develop relationships outside of the site, via email, in-person, or another medium like Facebook. Admins and GMs would like to encourage members who choose to take BW relationships to another venue to be aware that things they post here may be repeated or referenced elsewhere by a well-meaning BW. That sort of potentially undesirable situation can be avoided if all members take care to mention if they do not wish for something posted to be mentioned elsewhere, and also if the readers consider that the poster may be sharing something in utmost confidence. All members should also never contact another member's friends or family without the other's permission, regardless of how well-meaning the intent may be.

On Facebook, if there are any concerns about privacy, you can create a Friend list for your BW friends and then set limits on what that group can see.

"What happens on BW stays on BW"