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Title: Help... Am I on the road to AP???!
Post by: HenaV on October 22, 2012, 11:45:09 am

My DD is 15m old. I weaned her as recommended by Tracey and thankfully she's always been a good eater.
BUT she is now starting to have tantrums at lunch and dinner - she seems to only want to eat bread with butter/cream cheese, cubes of cheese and fruit. Which I know doesn't sound unhealthy but I am worried that I am on the road to AP. All that said, I  mindful that she is as far as I can tell cutting 3 or 4 teeth at the moment - could that be the reason for the mealtime mayhem or is this an age/developmental thing???

Any thought appreciated - really starting to dread meal times here  :(
Title: Re: Help... Am I on the road to AP???!
Post by: creations on October 22, 2012, 12:09:04 pm
Hey there.
I consider my DS to be a really good eater, but even he gets fussy if there are teeth on the move.
I would personally give her what she wants (it's all healthy, not like she is asking for candy) and continue to offer something on the plate at the same time so that when she is ready for her veg and other foods there is something there for her to try.
For me the main thing is that food is healthy and meal times are stress free for both me and LO.  I had a time when I really had to limit fruit intake as it was getting excessive and there was a risk of tummy trouble with that amount yk?  My LO wasn't all that pleased about it but I talked him through calmly and was supportive and understanding of his tantrum of frustration.  I explained I didn't want him to get poorly.
I think the variety in diet will return for your LO when the teeth are less painful.
Title: Re: Help... Am I on the road to AP???!
Post by: HenaV on October 22, 2012, 14:24:24 pm
Thanks so much for your reply. It's really great to have the reassurance that I'm not undoing all the work put in!!

I was worried as well because she's pretty much won't let me feed get with a spoon, won't feed herself with a spoon (unless it's yogurt!) and just screams and screams even with finger foods. The only thing I had some vague success with was salmon fish cakes - wasn't sure if thats because they're soft so kind to sore gums?

I guess if she's the same once her teeth are no longer an issue I will need to tackle it.

Thanks again x