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Title: Oh dear - here we go again...but worse!! Please help!
Post by: snowbird on February 15, 2013, 12:30:24 pm
Hello all,

Well we had a few ewe, but we were strict on timings (sometimes we go slightly over as it takes longer to get her ready for nap/bt or she takes longer eating lunch/dinner before nap) and managed a couple of good mornings again.

Now it's got worse! LJ has been able to undo her grobag for ages and we have just hidden the zip. But not she's wised up and can find it and is not even going down for naps:( FYI LJ is just 22 months!

Routine normally:
WU (usually about 6am)
6 hours A
Nap - mostly 2 hours, sometimes more, try to cap at 2 hours 15mins.
5 hours A/13 hour day - whichever comes first!

She has nursery on Mon and Tues and doesn't nap as long and goes down at about 12.15pm each day. Probs all started on Tuesday when she wu at 6am, but napped for 55 mins.

Settled quite easily, but only slept for 1 hour 30. Usually shattered and will sleep for 3 hours if I let her on a Wednesday.

Getting out of gro bag when down for nap and wouldn't settle. Ended up napping in the car. Wasn't sure if we'd put her down too early as wu at 5am and we weren't sure whether or not she had gone back to sleep. I thought not, but hubby thought so! Opted for earlier time and wouldn't settle.
In cot for 11.10am nap!
Napped in car 1.25 - 2.50pm
BT: down at 6.40pm, getting out of gro bag, but settled for bout 7.10pm.

Friday (TODAY)
WU: 5.30am
Nap: down at 11.10am for nap.
Now running around after we've given up! She is shattered!
We've got a duvet and pillow for her which she's seen a few times but not used for sleep. We opted for this at naptime and put her in a thin grobag. She was playing in cot after she'd got out of grobag. Ended up taking grobag away but she was just playing until she started screaming.

Probably not a good time to introduce pillow and duvet seeing as she's not napping properly and back to EWs but the grobag's such a problem we thought maybe we should just bite the bullet! Mmm!

She's very high maintenance at the mo - clinging to Mummy although she's happy with Daddy when I'm not here/in the room and testing the limits big time. We're both at the end of our tether!

So is she OT from less than normal length naps and EWs? Or does she need longer A time in the morning?

Really appreciate your advice,
Snowbird xxx
Title: Re: Oh dear - here we go again...but worse!! Please help!
Post by: Lolly on February 15, 2013, 22:22:26 pm
I'd say you are trying for a nap too early really given she is messing around, sounds UT to me!

I would set her nap at 12 or 12.30 for a week or so and see what happens, if she is awake for 6 she needs to have sleep time by 6.30/7 depending on how long her nap is.

What do you think?

Title: Re: Oh dear - here we go again...but worse!! Please help!
Post by: *Becky* on February 16, 2013, 13:06:49 pm
is she teething? Sounds quite similar to M atm with the clingyness and testing the limits. M is getting 2 year molars which explains a lot!
Title: Re: Oh dear - here we go again...but worse!! Please help!
Post by: snowbird on February 16, 2013, 21:51:21 pm
Hi both, thank you for your replies!

Laura - yes, I wondered if she could be UT after typing all this out and reflecting on it. Wary of going for too long an A time though, but am going to maybe try for 6.5 hours A.
Becky - good call too! We noticed yesterday one of her cheeks was hot and bright red after waking from the nap she eventually had in the car! Could be this! She didn't eat much of her dinner yesterday, but not sure if this was a protest to the rice. We've been giving her brown rice recently instead of white, but she's not keen. We went back to the white yesterday, but she refused to try any lol! And now she's got 'teething' nappies!

So shall I go with longer A times and dosing her up for teething? Will keep day to 12.5 - 13 hours depending on the length of her naps.

Decided to enjoy today and get out whilst it's a dry day and we've not having any look with naps anyway. So routine today:

WU: 5am, might have gone back off, but then awake by 5.15am. Stayed in cot with a little protest until the Groclock told her she could get up. A god send that clock!
Nap: 12.15 - 1.40pm in car.
Cot: 6.15pm, but took ages to settle. Getting out of Grobag etc.

She seemed absolutely shattered when we put her down, but I know it was later than it should have been. It was the best we could do after we got home from our day out.

Snowbird xxx

Title: Re: Oh dear - here we go again...but worse!! Please help!
Post by: snowbird on March 23, 2013, 21:51:35 pm
Hello ladies,

Well we've had nap refusal for 4 days, not she goes to sleep in minutes when we get in the car. When I leave lj in her cot she just runs around it and plays. She's 2 in 3 weeks and her language is coming on amazingly, she is clingy to me and mostly only wants me and we also suspect teething.

Think she may need a longer Morming A time but we've been on 6.5/7 for a few weeks now. Before nap refusal - On 6.5 she usually naps for 1.5 hours and on 7 she naps for more than 2 - I have to wake her. Problem is long A means later bts so her day inevitably gets longer. Thinking I need to try increased A and cap nap. Snow here so if lj doesn't nap tomorrow we're going to do super ebt. Just worried that no nap will impact on her night sleep which is ok at the mo.

Now sleeping with a pillow and tonight is her 2nd night with a duvet after she asked for it.

Do you agree with longer A and capped nap? Gets so upset when I wake her after a short nap (I.e. less than 2 hrs)

Snowbird xxx