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Title: Terrified of the bath
Post by: georgeo on March 01, 2013, 04:38:12 am
Dd is 13.5 months. She used to love the bath. She was so relaxed and would play and play. For the past couple of weeks she screams if put in it and is frantic to get out. It seems to me Ds went through this but it's a bit foggy. Is this just a developmental thing that will pass? Nothing happened that would make her afraid.

Any suggestions for how to help her through this? We've tried going in with her but it makes no difference.
Title: Re: Terrified of the bath
Post by: creations on March 02, 2013, 13:55:55 pm
Have you tired different depths?  Maybe really really shallow, then try really really deep?
It could be related to something developmental, where she is more aware of dangers.
TBH I would just wash her down with top and tail solution and a cloth until she gets over the fear.  My DS hated baths from birth (believe it or not!) and I only put him in about once per week or less, just dip him in and see his reaction.  Different depths eventually helped, he liked really deep a couple of times and after that really shallow so it was a bit of trial and error.  It wasn't until about 5.5 months he enjoyed a bath so it was a long time of washing with a cloth but he was still clean.