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Title: Dance classes
Post by: TB9 on October 19, 2013, 20:00:54 pm
DD1 is starting dance classes at the end of the month!  I never did dance, so I am absolutely clueless!  So, I need to know if she needs anything else for the classes...the classes are through a community centre and really cheap, and I am assumingpretty laid back, unlike the classes at the actual dance studios here.  I just want to make sure she
is somewhat prepared, and dressed appropriately, yk?

She is doing a ballet/jazz combination class.  We got her a leotard, tights, ballet slippers and a little flowy skirt.  Does she need another pair of slippers for the jazz stuff?  Or will her ballet slippers (or socks?) be fine for jazz?

Her other class is a tap class, on a different night.  We got her tap shoes, but not sure what she should wear for tap.  Can I just send her in yoga pants and a t-shirt, or yoga pants and her leotard, or leggings and a shirt/leotard?

Thanks ladies!  I really am clueless!
Title: Re: Dance classes
Post by: twogirlsmommy on October 19, 2013, 20:15:55 pm
dd1 does a ballet/tap class and just wears a leotard and tights and then they change from their ballet shoes to their tap shoes during class.  I know our older girls who take jazz have special shoes but our younger students don't do jazz as they must first complete some ballet before they can do jazz.
Title: Re: Dance classes
Post by: Bex09 on October 19, 2013, 20:27:33 pm
My DD does a modern/ballet/tap class. I emailed the dance teacher before we started to see about appropriate clothing and she said t-shirt and leggings to start with. Then once we decided that DD was going to like it and stick with it we had to order the specific coloured dance wear, tap shoes and ballet shoes! They wear tights, leotard with a built in skirt and a wrap around cardigan. They swap from ballet shoes to tap shoes half way through the class.
Title: Re: Dance classes
Post by: Georgena on November 26, 2013, 15:38:41 pm
Hi,what everyone else said!
the most important thing for Ballet is that the teacher can see the body, so leotard and tights are perfect,and the little skirt is always a nice touch  ;)
 jazz same kind of thing but if its in the same class the ballet stuff is pefect,but tights will be slippy, you can cut a small hole in the bottom of the tight and then slip the foot out if need be,  as for shoes,ballet shoes for ballet and she can wear them for jazz too or no shoes,depending on the state of the floor,i would advise against any hard sole gym shoe/plimsole  type shoes,they restrict the foot.
Tap is a bit more relaxed but again, need to see what the legs/knees are doing to avoid any type of injury! So tights, or leggings with a tshirt,( not baggy) as you can probably tell im a bit more on the strict side,it might be a lot more relaxed but seeing the line of the body is important, even from a young age :) hope she enjoys!!
Title: Re: Dance classes
Post by: TB9 on November 29, 2013, 16:21:38 pm
Thanks for the advice ladies!  DD has been wearing leggings or her tight-ish yoga pants to tap class and it seems to be working out well :)  The classes are at the community centre so no dress code, kids just wear whatever they want which is really awesome in a way!  I am just making sure she is comfortable enough in her clothes to be able to dance :)