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Title: 5.5 month dropping to 2 naps..... When do I feed her!!
Post by: Jbla17 on April 26, 2014, 03:44:21 am
Hi Ladies!!

I wasn't sure where to post this, Naps, EASY forum or here but my question is..... We have just switched to a full 4 hour EASY routine and we seem to be settling into it now. It looks like we might be dropping to two naps but I'm unsure when to feed her as our day currently looks like this:

E 7
A 7-9:30
S 9:30-11:30

E 11:30
A 11:30-2
S 2-4

E 4
A 4-6:30/7
S 6:30/7

So there is 4.5 hours between the morning/early arvo bottles and then say 2.5 for the last, it doesn't really add up. If anyone could share how they got around this or if this kind of schedule worked for them?

I was feeding her 7, 11, 3, 6:45/7. Now that she is taking two longer naps I don't really know where to put her milk feeds as she is now sleeping through that time. The 2 naps is new and I don't know if she is truly ready. I'm trying it out since she is having better naps today so I let her sleep as long as she wanted this morning. Usually I would wake her from her naps 90% of the time I would say!

I will mention also that since we have changed she seems to be taking less of her bottles. Usually 5-6 oz on 5 bottles and now still around the same but 4 bottles. I was putting more in to make up for bottle loss but she doesn't seem to want it?? No night feeds either she sleeps all the way through....

I am giving her a solids meal about 45 mins after a bottle. Breakfast and dinner.

I am trying to work this out but as this is a big change with bottłes and naps at the same time I can't getting head around it. Any help would be very much appreciated ladies....... TIA x
Title: Re: 5.5 month dropping to 2 naps..... When do I feed her!!
Post by: Lolly on April 27, 2014, 13:11:14 pm
You just need to feed when she wakes from her naps really, there will be some bottles closer together for now while she adjusts. What you may find is that you need to make bedtime a bit later or her afternoon nap may be a bit shorter so just feed when she wakes.

Are you doing the second solids in the middle of the day or end (dinner could be lunch or evening meal!). If it's the end of the day I would stop that so that she is hungry for her bedtime bottle, either move it to lunch time or leave it until she is a bit bigger.

Title: Re: 5.5 month dropping to 2 naps..... When do I feed her!!
Post by: Jbla17 on April 27, 2014, 22:10:27 pm
Hi Laura, thank you for replying :-)

I think I have solved the amount of milk she is drinking. I moved to the next size teat....she has now started to take more again :-)

I'm not quite sure she is really ready for 2 naps as her awake time are less than three hours but when she gets two good naps in it a bit of a puzzle :-)

I am doing solids at 8 am and around 5:30. She still drinks all her bedtime bottle and I think the faster glow teat has helped this.

I'm guessing once solids are introduced a little bit more or less time between bottles doesn't matter as long as they are drinking around the same amount?

Thanks again :-)