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Title: 7mo feeding/schedule question
Post by: shannoncorrin on May 15, 2014, 18:17:06 pm
I have a 7 mo 30 min napper who is mostly bottle fed.  We had issues with weight gain 4mo when he was mostly breastfed because of my supply so I intro'd formula and he is gaining weight well now.  Our current schedule is working ok, but the end of the day is really scrunched,  and I feel like I'm shoving food into my little guy and possibly over feeding him.  But on the same note I'm terrified to drop a feeding.  also, we do BLW, and he hasn't actually swallowed food yet, so right now liquid feeds are his only source of nutrition.  I want to move to 4 hour schedule and drop a nap, but I'm afraid of dropping a feeding.  Also, he has always been a 30 min napper and I was hoping the 4 to 3 nap transition would help his naps and it didn't, so I don't have high hopes for the 3 to 2 transition. 

Here is our current schedule.  When I work he is bottle fed, when I'm with him he is breastfed then supplemented with a bottle for 2 of the feedings and then he gets straight bottles the other feedings.

7:30 eat about 8 oz,  offered solids after sometimes
9:30 NAP 1- nap for 30, then mom goes in a naps with him for another hour

11:00 eat 8 oz, offer solids sometimes
NAP 2- We run errands here,  so he naps on and off from about 1:15-2:30 ish

3:00 eat 8 oz
5:30 NAP 3

6:00 eat about 7 oz, offer solids sometimes
7:30 eat about 7-8 oz
8:00 bed

This is what I've adapted because his naps were so crumby that I was sick of being cooped up inside trying to get him to sleep. 

I would really like to drop the second to last feeding, but I need advice.  He often gets really fidgety when he eats, especially at the end of the day, and I think it's because he isnt all that hungry.  When I take the bottle away he looks at the bottle and reaches for it like he still wants it.  When I give it back he gets all fidgety again.  He starts chewing on the nipple instead of sucking.  Does this mean he is full and I should stop feeding?  So that means that he doesn't actually need the full 7-8oz, right?  So when I drop the one feeding should I distribute about 6oz among the remaining bottles he gets?  So make the other bottles a little over 9oz.  Isn't that a lot?  I don't want to be shoving food down his throat.

Once I get the feeding thing down I would like to drop a nap, so I may have questions about that later! 
Title: Re: 7mo feeding/schedule question
Post by: annamomof3 on May 16, 2014, 03:42:11 am
Hi I have seven-month-olds and my boy seems to cut himself back when he's ready a.k.a. Chews on the nipple or stares at it you know he wants to hold it but he doesn't really need it . try cutting back 1 ounce the first day and the second day and after that take away another ounce until you eliminate one bottle feed all together ! It's all trial and error really , good luck let me know how it works out!
Title: Re: 7mo feeding/schedule question
Post by: annamomof3 on May 16, 2014, 03:45:00 am
Also when you say a 30 minute nap did you ever try to let baby just stay in the crib-room and fuss until he fell back to sleep ?? I've had to do that many times and now they just nap one and a half to two hours at a time.