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Title: Just starting!!
Post by: Katie6385 on October 11, 2015, 08:09:25 am
Hello lovely ladies!

I am loving the baby whisperer and my baby seems to have his own way to EASY! After trying to implement a well known contented routine, I realised that I was stressing myself out completely trying to get him to eat/sleep at certain times and getting upset if he didn't!(how ridiculous!)

Anyway for the past few days this has been the routine-





A(kick and bath)6.30-7
S-7.30(bottle after bath before bed)

Here are my issues though-

A)he usually wakes up screaming at 10.30pm when we feed him but he won't take much(do we try wake properly to make sure has good feed?)
B)Night wakings are 1.15/2ish when we feed then again at about 5.30 when we feed at 6. The feed at 6 is making him not want much at 7.15/7.30 when he wakes up naturally. He then is hungry about 8ish which has a knock on effect on his 10am feed and so on! The amounts he is drinking seems to be going down!
C) are the nap times ok do you think? (3 1.5 hours and 1 45 mins) I have to wake him after the 45 min one which I always feel mean about!

He is 11 weeks old btw. Anyway any reassurance advice would be great. Thank you!
Title: Re: Just starting!!
Post by: becj86 on October 11, 2015, 23:32:21 pm
Hi :) Glad its going so well for you!

To answer your questions:
A) You could try a dreamfeed at ~10pm and see if that helps. You shouldn't need to wake him fully to get a full feed in, most babies will feed whilst asleep or drowsy. In fact by 4 or 5 months, we often are advising to feed while drowsy so they don't get distracted ;) Its not unreasonable to feed at this waking so I'd just feed and get him back to sleep as quickly as possible. Pretty much feeds should be quiet and dark at night.
B) TBH, I'd try feeding a smaller amount if you can at 5:30/as soon as he wakes (I'd not wait til 6) and then feed when he wakes for the day. I think the thing you most need to work on is getting that first A time to 1.5hr as the others are - either by waking at 7 or pushing the day later. Keep in mind too, that within about 5-6 weeks, his A times will be 2hr so you'll need to increase gradually and drop that CN so you've just got three long naps around about the time he turns 4 months old. I'd say if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Honestly, you seem to have a textbook baby, enjoy :)
c) Yes, nap times are totally fine.