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Title: Tweaks needed for 5 mo old EASY?
Post by: JennVanessa1083 on November 10, 2015, 03:06:20 am

I was wondering if someone can take a look at my present EASY. My DS is 22 1/2 weeks and currently on 2.5 A for the last week. Morning tends to be 1:11-1:25 unless he has a bad night then is able to do longer. However in the last few days he wakes up during his morning nap around 38-42 minutes. I resettle and he finishes until about 1:18-1:25 down to the minute haha. I have a board regarding NW but I figure I would post on this forum since I'm confused about my current routine. I feel it may need tweaking due to hour long waking around 9 or 10 and increased NW. This has been happening for awhile. Should I extend A? But where and by how much? My theory is he's a bit UT in the day but I was hoping for other thoughts on this.

I will understand if it needs to be merged with the other NW board.

Here is today's:
NW 6:57 pm, 8:16-9:43 pm, 11:13, 1:29 am, 5:51 am

WU 7:03 am
E 7:40 am
S 9:29- 10:56 am (A 2:26; jiggled mattress while singing; in crib for first time in a month) woke up at 42 for 5 seconds and resettled him with patting
E 11:11 am
E 12:47 pm
S 1:22- 3:09 pm (A 2:26; self settle with modified shh pat); woke up at 38; tried shh pat and pu/pd but he would drift then cry. Tried for 10 minutes then let him finish nap in my arms
E 3:28 pm
E 4:44 pm
S 5:36- 6:11 pm ( A 2:27; self settle with modified shh pat)
E 6:34 pm
A BT routine
S 7:11- 8:46 ( A 1:02)

S 9:40-

Additional NW were 11:30, 4:33 am.

Are there any tweaks that need or can be made?

Thank you so much. I am one exhausted mama.
Title: Re: Tweaks needed for 5 mo old EASY?
Post by: Martini~ on November 11, 2015, 22:09:22 pm
Honey - I know that you have more than one thread going on on other boards so I am locking that thread for now so not to solve the same problems on different threads. As you probably would need more eyes, I am happy to jump on your other threads to help. I hope that helps!