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Title: DD2 troubbles with naps
Post by: ewabear on April 16, 2016, 10:16:29 am
DD2 is almost 4 months old. She is sleeping well during the night waking up once (after DF) and recently not waking up at all until 7. I've been trying to move her to 3,5 h EASY, but she sleeps dreaded 30-45 naps. I have been trying to extend with mixed success.  It kind of doesn't work because she gets very sleepy and is unable to feed (exclusively BF) so if she wakes up at 7 sleeps from 8:45 untill 9:30 and would be up for a feed around 10:30 but she will be falling asleep as nap time will be approaching. Also she seems to struggle with her 12 hours during the day and is ready for bed much sooner, longer naps would probably help. What is wrong with her A's 1.45 will make her sleep 45 min, but as sonn as I try to extend it she cuts it short 30 min.
Title: Re: DD2 troubbles with naps
Post by: Lindsay27 on April 16, 2016, 11:29:58 am
We are going through much of the same unfortunately, my DD is just 4 months and was at 1.45A for a long time and we are still anywhere between there and 2hrs, but basically the exact same thing happens to us...1.45 gives us 45min naps but close to 2hrs gives us 30mins.  I've found I've really had to watch the clock to be able to get her A time right.  I found that I had to do little increases, such as 1.50 to get anything longer without her being OT.  With that said, even with that she often still cannot transition sleep cycles and still will wake at 45mins no matter what, so I just do my best to resettle and go from there.

If your DD can't go the full 3.5/4hrs between feeds (many BF babies can't) can you do a top up before nap to get her through?

We also struggle with a 12hr day if naps have not been great, so I don't force it.  If she can only do 11hrs or whatever then so be it.
Title: Re: DD2 troubbles with naps
Post by: ewabear on April 16, 2016, 12:27:45 pm
She can go 3,5 hours between feeds but second one because of her short nap would be just before second and she eould fall asleep feeding ( it is difficult to wake her up if she falls asleep eating) so we then follow easaes and then we never actually do se as we get behind. What do you adjust cat nap if your baby had miserable naps, she slept 45 min 30 min 30 min and then it was inpossible to get her to nap again she slept for 15 min in the end, woke up upset and I had to hold her for 1 h until BT. Perhaps I should push BT earlier when she was resisting that cat nap. Im watchinh her on the monitor as we speak and she is tossing and turning. I forgot to add that I have DD1 that is 2,5 and very lively, I do not seem to give her enough time during the day, especially in the evening.
Title: Re: DD2 troubbles with naps
Post by: Lindsay27 on April 17, 2016, 01:56:31 am
Yes getting the feeds figured out when they short nap can be tricky.  If she tends to fall asleep eating before a nap, can you pull the feed a little earlier? Might end up only being after 3hrs and a smaller feed but it might avoid her falling asleep?  So you might do E-A-S-A-E-A-S.

If after a day of short naps she is really OT in the evening I would absolutely move BT forward if needed.  I often do that if we've had a day of bad naps.