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Title: Q regarding weaning 6mo following Tracy's guidelines
Post by: Katrix on May 09, 2016, 07:26:15 am
Hi guys,

I am getting ready for the weaning as my little girls is nearly 6mo.
I realize that I am overthinking it a bit but we have strong allergies in the family and I obviously want to do what's best for her.
I would love to follow Tracy's schedule for the first 12 weeks and I've also read the general information on the forum regarding solids.
Please advice on when should I start introducing the following food groups:
Meats and in what order
Milk and other dairy products
Citrus fruits

Thanks in advance.
Title: Re: Q regarding weaning 6mo following Tracy's guidelines
Post by: Buntybear on May 09, 2016, 08:21:12 am
Hi, has your LO shown any signs of an allergy already? And what allergies do you already have in your family?

FWIW we don't have any history of allergies in your family and Olly came out with wheat, dairy and egg allergies! I am not sure there is much rhyme or reason but if you think there may be a particular allergy then i build hold off on offering the food for a while. Or you could try tiny bit and watch for a reaction.

It is a very tricky one as they are finding more information about how you introducing an allergen early can be actually help the body develop the immunity to that food.

I would steer clear of nuts altogether though. And salt - that is for health reasons though, not an allergy.
Title: Re: Q regarding weaning 6mo following Tracy's guidelines
Post by: creations on May 09, 2016, 08:26:20 am
I think the advice now is to introduce as many foods as you can from a younger age rather than avoid them altogether.  You could be cautious with the known allergies but people have different allergies to different things so one member of the family having an allergy to one food doesn't mean that your LO will have the same allergy, it could be a totally different one.
if you already know LO is has a reaction to milk (if you are on a limited diet for BF or have a special formula) then I'd hold off on anything with dairy in.
There are lots of allergies from my side of the family but my DS doesn't have any allergies, he did however vomit every time he ate rice (baby rice, rice pudding, rice, rice cake) so we quickly abandoned rice.

I personally feel Tracy would have updated her weaning guidance based on more resent research if she was still with us and able to do so.  The general guides now are to either the traditional route to introduce puree at 6 months shortly followed by finger foods along side the purees (after just a few weeks), then quite quickly moving from puree to mashed and lumps alongside finger foods.  Or to go the BLW route which does away with purees and goes straight for finger foods, foods are served closer to the way the family eat them in family meals.

As BB said I would avoid salt all together, LOs daily intake allowance for salt is very very low, don't use any in cooking and avoid seasoning which are high salt (soy sauce, stock cubes).
Little girls should have no more than 2 portions of oily fish per week - again this is not an allergy guidance it is a regular guidance.  More portions of fish can be served so long as they are not oily fish.
Title: Re: Q regarding weaning 6mo following Tracy's guidelines
Post by: MJ&N on May 09, 2016, 18:25:09 pm
We started BLW about a week ago and so far my baby has had:
Baby corn
Then he turned six months so I allowed him the stuff from the freezer as part of family meals:
Home made baked beans
Mini quiche (goat's cheese and pepper)
Breakfast bars made with oats, milk, eggs, fruit and almonds
Loaded baby potatoes (contains dairy)
Sweet corn fritters (contain egg and gluten)

As hopefully this illustrates, it's easy at first to play it safe in terms of ingredients but the more 'real food' they are given, the more ingredients they get.

I need to figure out meat and fish yet, I'm veggie so it doesn't come naturally to me to work out a recipe that is nice and soft for him. And I'd like to get peanuts in there somewhere, if I can.
Title: Re: Q regarding weaning 6mo following Tracy's guidelines
Post by: Katrix on May 12, 2016, 16:53:17 pm
BB-I am allergic to dairy, gluten, eggs, peanuts, strawberries, kiwi, garlic, etc as well as cats, dogs, horses, mold and many more. I have atopic skin and asthma. My husband has pollen allergies which are seasonal.
I try not to freak out too much as I am aware that she doesn't necessarily have to develop the same ones as us. Unfortunately she has atopic skin like me and I can't help being worried about it as I know it's awful.
Every doctor advises something different atend it's hard to find the right decision.
Any ideas about books on the subject are more than welcome.
Title: Re: Q regarding weaning 6mo following Tracy's guidelines
Post by: Buntybear on May 12, 2016, 20:54:16 pm
Gosh, that it is a lot of allergies that you have to deal with  :(

No books I am afraid but I sometimes point people to an interesting thread we had a few years ago when there were a few of us with allergic Los. There is a lot of info there about elimination diets that you may find useful??

Anyone else on an elimination diet (Fed up or RPAH?)