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Title: 6mo refusing solids and vomiting!
Post by: SusieQue on May 26, 2016, 19:14:40 pm
My LO is now 6 months and I've been trying for nearly two weeks to get anything down him, with no success! He won't let a spoon near him so I've tried giving finger food (which goes straight on the floor!). If he does get a tiny taste of something he starts gagging and will actually vomit milk up. I've tried puréed food of differing consistency as I thought he might prefer runny (no) or lumpy (no) - he hasn't actually managed to swallow anything and keep it down yet. So different to my first LO who couldn't get enough from the second he tried food! Does this sound normal to you guys? He sits in a high chair for feeding and I'm trying to be consistent with offering food at every meal time so we sit together and eat, but the vomiting worries me. Anyone else been through this? I'm at a loss as to where to go from here!
Title: Re: 6mo refusing solids and vomiting!
Post by: creations on May 26, 2016, 20:45:59 pm
It sounds to me like he is perhaps just not quite ready for solids just yet.  His gag reflex (which is very useful as it helps to avoid choking by ejecting objects LO is not ready for) may still be quite sensitive and in a few weeks or another month might be less sensitive.  The gag reflex can result in vomiting too.
As with anything medical though it would be worth a trip to the doctor if the vomiting continues even when solids are not given.

Personally I would just stop offering for now, maybe just offer finger foods as he knows himself if he wants to eat these or taste them or if he has no interest yet.  I would advise against trying to get him to eat anything, he is letting you know he is not ready by not letting the spoon go near him.
Whilst it is advised to introduced solids in a timely manner, and 6 months is the average age, it is also very much about whether LO is ready, interested, showing signs of wanting to eat and other signs such as the gag reflex not being too sensitive, ability to sit up well unsupported etc.  It sounds like yours just isn't ready just yet and that is not cause for concern, he will take some food when he is a little more developed.  At this age anyway even when LOs are interested in pureed foods the portion sizes are around 2 tea spoons (per meal, and 1 meal per day at 6 months increasing to 3 meals around 8 months) which is very little.
Just like crawling or walking these developmental phases come at different times for different babies.  My DS was like your first LO and very interested in solid food from the off but I have known LOs show almost no interest and eat very very little in the way of solids until closer to 9 months and they have still grown and developed wonderfully.

I hope this helps ease your worry but, as I said, do seek medical advice if you feel concerned or if the vomiting continues.
Title: Re: 6mo refusing solids and vomiting!
Post by: SusieQue on May 27, 2016, 05:43:57 am
Thanks so much for your reply, Creations, that makes me feel much better! It's strange because we thought he was really ready for solids as he gets really excited when we all sit down to eat and can sit up, etc. it's strange, he puts everything in his mouth apart from food! I'll still give him some finger foods when we sit down to eat and then hopefully he might get used to those after a while. He doesn't vomit apart fr when he has solids so I don't think there's anything there to worry about. Thanks again for replying!
Title: Re: 6mo refusing solids and vomiting!
Post by: creations on May 27, 2016, 06:54:55 am
Glad you feel a bit better about it.
If he's in the habit of throwing the finger foods I'd just give him one piece at a time to limit what he can 'purposely' throw, if he accidentally drops something that's different.
It's lovely that he gets excited at meal times, the social aspect of coming together to eat is also very important, he will learn lots from watching how you eat, the foods you eat etc.  And one day I expect he will decide to have a taste of those finger foods you offer.

Maybe review in a month or so and if you feel there is still some sort of difficulty with food or vomiting then reassess at that time?
Title: Re: 6mo refusing solids and vomiting!
Post by: Lindsay27 on May 27, 2016, 11:24:17 am
Following, I've had pretty much the same experience with my DD.  I've tried the odd thing (not offering every meal or anything because she still isn't 6 months) but just kind of testing the waters, and while she gets excited about seeing food, she won't take a spoon, gags, and if I do get anything down she throws it up.  Tried a tiny bit of finger food last night (cooked squash) and she seemed to enjoy that more, but about an hour later she seemed like she had a lot of tummy pain.  So we are going to stop for the next 2 weeks and try again :)