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Title: fighting afternoon nap
Post by: Skadiver13 on July 20, 2016, 22:16:14 pm
Hi all just wanted someone to take a peak.

DD is 11.5 weeks now and had naturally falled into an easy (although sometimes its EASAE..

Roughly this is what we get.

Wake for the day around 8
S: 9:15-11:15
E: 11:15
S: 12:30-2:30
S:3:45 This is the trouble. She'll take a shorter nap here and then kind of muddles the rest of the day. She'll sleep anywhere between 30-40 min. Then I try ad shorten the next A time but she fights that nap even more and I can only get it by apoping.
S 4:30 I have to pick my son up from school some days and she'll fall asleep but it's oly a 5 min drive and then she wakes when we get back hom.
E: 5:00
S: I try again at 5:30 but again she fights and fights so usually if I get one its about 6  in the swing but again it's only 30 min.

BT is 730/8.
Title: Re: fighting afternoon nap
Post by: Scottishmummy on July 21, 2016, 13:40:58 pm

Around this age I found my DD's 3rd A time needed to be longer than the first and second A times...she always seemed to increase her mid-late afternoon A times before her morning ones.

Have you tried pushing just that 3rd A time to 1.5hrs, I.e. Starting 3rd nap at 4pm and see if you get a longer nap?
I suppose that would clash with school run though, so that 3rd nap might need to be in car/buggy on those days.