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Title: Pu pd for naps?
Post by: Graysor on July 31, 2016, 07:53:16 am
Is it OK to use pu pd for naps? 

I'm having a nightmare getting my 7.5 mo to nap, so we're stuck in a dreadful overtired and short nap cycle. I'm hoping using pu pd will help? Any experience of this working well?

Also a question about using pu pd which I've attempted but inconsistently before. 

We rapidly get to the point where she is not calmed at all by my presence, or shushing or rubbing her tummy or patting her bum or picking her up. I pick her up and she just carries on crying for over 30 mins until she is asleep but still crying in her sleep. 

What am I supposed to do then? I thought the idea was to put then down calm but awake,  but she is neither if these! And if I put her down then she just wakes and cries harder. 

Any help or positive experiences welcome! 
Title: Re: Pu pd for naps?
Post by: Scottishmummy on July 31, 2016, 18:50:54 pm
Hi there!

Firstly - yes it is ok to use PU/PD for naps.  Have you read the threads on PU/PD these are useful for any questions about the approach itself:
Pick Up/Put Down (PU/PD) - Everything you ever needed to know!

I would add though that my DD is similar to yours where she actually settles better and faster without me in the room. I use more of a walk in/walk out method with her (Wi/WO). Although it's typically a method for toddlers it has worked well,for us from around 6-7months. Toddlers: Walk In/Walk Out vs. The Gradual Withdrawal Method (HOW TO CHOOSE)

With the OT and short naps- could she be in need of a routine change or more/different wind down? Do you want to post your day in EASY format and chat it through?

How was she been settling to sleep before you started sleep training?
Title: Re: Pu pd for naps?
Post by: Graysor on July 31, 2016, 19:38:03 pm
Thanks for the reply. 

That's good,  I'll crack on with  pu pd tomorrow for naps.

I'm not sure that wi wo will be better, as she starts crying pretty much whenever I leave her line of sight at the moment.  But I'll certainly consider it depending on how we get on.

Here's today's easy
6 A / E
7.50 wd for nap and attempting pu pd
8.30- 10 S in arms as gave up with pu pd after 40 mins
10 E
11.30 E
12.50 - 1.20 S in arms and transferred to cot asleep  ( couldn't face another pupd attempt
1.20 - 1.45 trying to resettle, gave up and put her in sling
1.45 - 2.15 S in sling
2.30 E
4.50 - 5.20 S ( in pram )
5.30 E
7 E
7.15 S settled in cot with tiny bit of shush pat

Before recently attempting nap training we had all naps in the sling or pram as it was impossible to get her down in the cot or even to transfer her when asleep.  I can now rock her to sleep and transfer her sometimes,  as long as she's in a deep sleep, but then she wakes at 30 mins and is impossible to resettle. 

I imagine you'll say to extend her a time especially in the morning.  But her night wakings and early wakes are so bad that she starts the day tired, so usually can barely manage 2 hours. 

Any thoughts? 
Title: Re: Pu pd for naps?
Post by: Scottishmummy on July 31, 2016, 20:11:00 pm
Just a quick reply as I'm about to go to bed!

One thing to try is starting WD & PU/PD a little earlier. So if you're aiming for an 8.00 nap, maybe start WD a little earlier e.g. 7.40 or possibly even 7.30 if she needs a long WD to give longer to calm and be ready for nap (I used to have to start WD 30mins before DS' nap was due!) ...and for PU/PD time,especially if she's getting OT quite quickly.

Yes first A time is short, but some babies naturally have a shorter first A.

And I think you're doing the right thing to give yourself a time limit for PU/PD and using another way to get her the nap after that..and to give yourself s break with the other naps too. It's important to look after yourself when ST, as well as getting some sleep for your baby too

Good luck for tomorrow

ETA: just another thought..if you try the longer WD time and find PU/PD just isn't working, you might want to try a gradual withdrawal approach instead e.g. To gradually move from holding in arms to holding to sleep in the cot and then gradual steps to more IS from there