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Title: Egg allergy
Post by: SarahE on October 22, 2016, 07:06:09 am
Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone's Lo has experienced a delayed allergic reaction to egg?

We gave my daughter scrambled egg for the first time - very well cooked, this morning about 9am and noticed three houses later a small rash on the side of her neck. We didn't think much of it as she had had something similar the weekend before and it had gone by the end of the day. Today however, by 1pm it had spread to the other side of her neck and a few bits on her tummy. By 3 pm there was more on her tummy and some on her back and by 4pm her chest, tummy and back was covered in the rash....

It doesn't see to bother her...probably bothers me more than her  :P...

I should add it was a farm egg she had, and the week before when she had a similar rash on her neck that cleared quick we had given her Greek yogurt for the first time.
Title: Re: Egg allergy
Post by: Buntybear on October 24, 2016, 18:11:35 pm
Hi, Olly had a fast reaction to egg so no experience there. Has she had egg before?
Title: Re: Egg allergy
Post by: SarahE on October 24, 2016, 18:20:26 pm
No it was the first time...same with the Greek yogurt the week before that was first time.

By the morning after the egg, the rash was gone....
Title: Re: Egg allergy
Post by: Lolly on October 24, 2016, 19:39:30 pm
My DS had a very fast reaction to egg by itself but a slower reaction to egg as an ingredient. When he first had scrambled egg he came up in red weals everywhere the egg had touched his skin. After eating a really eggy souffle type dish his face eyes puffed up but it went down quite quickly (thankfully, we were on holiday at the time!). We stopped all egg, but realised that he accidentally got some egg as an ingredient in sausage at nursery which made his reflux flare up for a short time.

We didn't ever get a confirmation that it was an allergy at the time but he was tested at 2 and wasn't reacting by that stage.

Title: Re: Egg allergy
Post by: SarahE on October 25, 2016, 02:01:38 am
Mmmm interesting....she had not reaction where the egg had touched at all. She didn't have anything else that had egg as an ingredient that day as I still cook all her food so know everything she has....we have booked to see dr Tom as I've heard that second try can bring out a more severe reaction... :'(