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Title: Help for 12 week old please
Post by: Vally on November 08, 2016, 00:07:20 am
Although this is my third LO the other two were BF for much longer so not overly experienced when it comes to bottle feeding and after some advice please. DS is 12 weeks and I a very happy and content little man but I'm worried he's not getting enough milk. I haven't weighed him for a bit so I know I should do that but guessing he weighs around 14lbs. So I think he should probably drinking about 30oz a day but he mostly has between 20-24oz. He feeds every 4 hours as really not hungry before and has 4oz a time, sometimes 3oz and occasionally 5oz. I've tried him every 3 hours but would never drink more than 3oz. He wakes twice for feeds in the night and will have 4oz at first feeds and then at his next feed usually around 3/4am will often just take 1 Oz. I don't think he's actually hungry at this feed as he will often sleep until 8am if he's taken into my bed. Should I be worried about his milk intake and how can I get him to drink more? he's o stage two tears and I did try the stage 3 two weeks ago which are actually for 6 last months up and he did start drinking 6oz bottles seemingly ok but then was awake every hour at night with tummy ache so I switched back. He's sleeping better again but not drinking much. Should I try the fast flow again? Or if she's content just leave it? He just doesn't seem keen on milk so looking forward to weaning tbh. Advice gratefully received. thanks x
Title: Re: Help for 12 week old please
Post by: Lolly on November 09, 2016, 21:57:09 pm
I would get him weighed and providing he is sticking to a growth curve then I'm sure all is fine. My chunky daughter was a 91st centile baby but very rarely took more than 25oz a day (and that was generally a struggle!).

If he is not hungry between feeds, is alert and has plenty of wet and dirty nappies then he is getting what he needs. I wouldn't try the faster teat again really, stick with the no 2. Are you putting more than 4oz in the bottles? If not I would make 5oz bottles and just keep offering that until he is draining those bottles, he is still little so he may well start taking bigger bottles as he grows a bit.

Title: Re: Help for 12 week old please
Post by: Vally on November 10, 2016, 00:25:04 am
Thank you and yes will definitely get him weighed. He's been always just below the 50th line. He's generally had 4oz bottles and often leaves an ounce. He has lots of wet and dirty nappy scans is very alert so as you say probably fine. In fact I'm wondering if he's just hit the 12 week growth spurt as he's 12 weeks tomorrow and suddenly hungrier.  He's been drinking 5oz a feed although still happy with every 4 hours. He actually drank 7oz before bed at 6pm and now feeding him at midnight. So far so good but he has jabs tomorrow so may all go pear shaped again!!