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Title: 15 month old suddenly nursing frequently
Post by: FrankiesMom12 on February 14, 2017, 13:20:47 pm
Hi All - My 15 month old has started to nurse much more frequently over the last week or so, and wants to nurse for 30 - 45 minutes at a time.  Prior to this we were slowly weaning.  She would nurse first thing in the morning, last thing before books at bed, and usually once a night.

She is insisting on nursing at least 4 times or more during the day, and at least twice at night.  If I ask her to wait or tell her no, she will scratch my chest and yank on my shirt until I break down and nurse her.  This is new to me as I had to stop nursing my son at 1 year due to a life threatening illness and necessary medication.

Is this normal?  She was teething (4 molars all at once), but they have pretty much cut through, and no sign of this stopping.  I feel fairly tired lately, and a little frustrated as I've never been away from my kids overnight, and I'm looking forward to a trip to visit my sister by myself in NYC.  I feel like I can't plan the trip; however, if she still has this need to nurse so frequently.

I should also mention she pretty much won't drink milk, so I try to make up for that with lots of cheese and yogurt.
Title: Re: 15 month old suddenly nursing frequently
Post by: *Ali* on February 15, 2017, 22:30:06 pm
Yes it's normal. There are lots of developments going on at 15mo and separation anxiety peaks so it could well be that. Teething is a very common time to increase feeds as well.

I found mine were demanding more when sitting around at home and getting out lots to distract helped. 

I just try to remind myself that it won't be forever. They aren't so little for long.