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Title: Please help with 2w0 transition from breast to bottle
Post by: Kimbayley on April 19, 2017, 21:50:18 pm
Please help. I have just transitioned my 2 week old from breast to bottle. I just started yesterday. I am concerned that even though he is being given the amount recommended for 4 hourly feeds, he is finishing the bottle and feeding every 3 hours during the day. I am happy with the 3 hours but concerned he is having so much milk. At the end of each bottle he still looks like he is searching for more. Most bottles are EBF 90-100ml. He had his first FF feed last night at 10 and woke at 130 sounding hungry again. Luckily he managed to resettle himself and I got him to last till 3 am. I think maybe 130 is just a habit for him so not sure how it will go tonight. At 3am he had 90 ml EBF and topped up on my breast. That only lasted him till 630. I fed him another 90-100mL & he still looked hungry. I gave him another 5 min on the breast. He is also really hard to settle at the moment and seems to just want to be on me the whole time. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I really want to get him on an EASY routine asap. Thank you.
Title: Re: Please help with 2w0 transition from breast to bottle
Post by: Lolly on April 19, 2017, 22:15:39 pm

You will see a difference between a formula bottle and a breast milk bottle - he's doing well to go 3 hours on breast milk! My DD has some breast milk bottles and would be starving at 2 hours on the dot on breast milk but could go 3 hours on formula. The amount you are offering sounds about right for his age, you can pace the feeds a bit but stopping to burp after about 30mls, sometimes when they have wind they root.

Waking for a feed at 1.30 after a 10pm feed is very normal for his age, it had been over 3 hours  - I would have just fed him to be honest and not bothered to re-settle, it quicker and you get back to sleep more quickly too. He's too young for any feed to be habit at this point, if it's been 3 hours since his last bottle assume hunger and feed when he wakes. There is a growth spurt around 3 weeks and again at 6 weeks so he needs all the calories at this point.

With a bottle feed there should be enough in the bottle so that he can stop when he is full, not just because the bottle is empty so you may need to increase the bottles by an oz (30ml). Don't worry about the recommendations - if they are from the formula tin they don't really apply to breast milk bottles.

Not many babies get settled on an EASY this young, it takes a good few weeks for them to get used to the world and needing to be close to you now is a big part of it. Have you got a sling you can pop him in?

HTH a bit!

Title: Re: Please help with 2w0 transition from breast to bottle
Post by: Kimbayley on April 19, 2017, 23:21:52 pm
Thanks so much. So 8 feeds including 90-100ml EBF x7 and 1 x FF at 120 is ok..? And if he is still hungry it is ok to offer him extra? Cool. I was worried I was creating a beast!