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Title: tackling only one nap when sleep training
Post by: Alina.fluturas on May 27, 2017, 18:21:40 pm

I posted yesterday to say how overtired my baby ended up by 4 pm after shuh patting for naps and got good advice on tackling only one nap to begin with.
My question is - would baby be confused - have him fall asleep on his own for one nap but hold him to sleep for the rest? Would this make training more lengthy and more difficult?
Also I thought i would tackle first nap of the day - is this a good idea?
And regarding my technique, he jolted awake after 10 and 20 mins and started screaming the place down although I was still shush patting him at that point. What was I doing wrong?
And generally what do you think, should I maybe wait another few weeks whenbaby will hopefully be able to stay awake for longer r just go for it? He is 9 weeks now and cannot stay awake for more than 1-1.25hs at a time

Title: Re: tackling only one nap when sleep training
Post by: creations on May 28, 2017, 08:36:26 am
Babies often build habits for each nap so for instance when my LO was very young he was in the bait of sleeping only in his cot and I had to make sure I ws home for every nap time which honestly was a bit of a drag especially when A times are short, he wouldn't sleep anywhere else as I had not accustomed him to that habit.  When he was a bit older than yours he was in the habit of napping in his own cot for his first nap (2hrs) and in the car for his second and third naps (one on the way somewhere , one on the way home) - this made it much much easier to get out and about, I timed leaving the house to give us a couple of mins to get settled in the car and set off and he would be happily asleep in moments, if I left the house a little late he'd be letting me know he was tired and needed to get to the car fast!  Whilst that meant going out 5 or 6 days per week at the same time each day was predictable and consistent, and he slept easily in the car seat for those naps, I really wanted to be able to just stay home one day per week and chill out, maybe even have a nap myself, and I found this incredibly difficult.  His habit was to sleep in the car for that second nap and when I didn't want him in the car he found it very hard to sleep even though he self settled and slept wonderfully in his cot for the first nap of the day.
The habits we instil stick - it is up to us parents to decide what we need or want (based around baby's needs of course) and implement it.
If or When we need those habits to change it is up to us to help LO with the change and instil the new habit.

LOs will/can also create habits for each care giver so whilst one might feed to sleep or push baby in the pushchair for a nap another caregiver puts them down for independent sleep - and baby will respond accordingly, they know what to expect.  It can bee seen when two parents are sleep training together baby may seem to "regress" when the second parent goes in for their turn because baby hasn't yet realised both parents are going to follow the same method.

Starting with the first nap of the day is great - this is where I'd always suggest if it is possible. Baby has had a restful sleep from the night and there is a level of consistency already.

It is really up to you if you continue now with the gentle sleep training or wait a few weeks. The process and time taken is going to be about the same.  Babies can and do change their habits but are likely to protest during the change until they get used to the new habit, which your LO will with your support.
The important aspect really isn't how old your LO is but if you are ready yourself for this.  If you are not ready we will still be here when you are :)
Title: Re: tackling only one nap when sleep training
Post by: Alina.fluturas on May 28, 2017, 10:00:11 am
Thank you very much!
I replied to you in my other post in more detail but just to say I appreciate the help and advice I get from you very much!
Title: Re: tackling only one nap when sleep training
Post by: Alina.fluturas on May 28, 2017, 10:03:05 am
....So I had a read about the pressure through the jolts...blimey sounds like I need 3 hands as my baby certainly benefits from eye shielding...
Title: Re: tackling only one nap when sleep training
Post by: creations on May 28, 2017, 18:01:24 pm
You're very welcome.
Let's continue on your other thread so we can keep all your information and support together. Okay :)

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