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Title: 8 mo night waking, too much day sleep ? Too much food ??!
Post by: IsabelaTsuji on August 01, 2017, 17:45:12 pm

I need some help my 8 mo LOs EASY.

Issue: night waking (without any need, Im pretty sure  because most of time he falls back sleep in 5 min). As he started early waking once again , I streched his first A time which is 4 h now. By doing this he now wakes up  at 6-6:30 am not 5am.

Because of this long A time I had to change his feeding times and Im a little bit confused.
Last week I had some help here at the forum  with his formula supply amount, so I started the BT  bottle also.

His EASY is as follows:

6 am WU + formula 6 oz
8 am breakfast
10 am bottle formula 4oz ( Im concerned about this 4h A ) nap for 1 and h
11:30 am lunch
01:30pm bottle formula 5oz
02:30 pm nap 1 and h
04 pm fruit
05pm dinner
07:30 pm bottle formula 4 oz +  BT
10 pm BF 6 oz

He is naturally waking up earlier from his morning nap (lasting about 1h)

Is there too much bottle formula ? I feel his easy is messed up.
Should I shortner his first nap ?
Title: Re: 8 mo night waking, too much day sleep ? Too much food ??!
Post by: creations on August 05, 2017, 08:37:15 am
Hi there
Your EASY looks fine :)

Brief NWs can be normal, a little moan or grunt or mantra at each sleep cycle but self settling within a few mins, it doesn't sound like a problem to me.  Are you needing to go in and help him> How frequent are the NWs?

Your milk and solids look fine. I mean, you could move things around a bit but if he's taking his milk and trying his solids then there doesn't really seem a reasons to move anything.

I wouldn't be concerned about the longer first A time, it's within the normal range and he seems to be napping well.  it's common when one or more A times get longer than one of the naps does get a bit shorter otherwise you end up with lots of long A times and two long naps it makes the day very long.  I wouldn't necessarily make his first nap shorter but if he is making it shorter himself and still appears well rested then that's fine because you are getting a good day length.