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Title: Night weaning 1yo
Post by: Rak10 on August 21, 2018, 20:16:01 pm

Thereís a few posts here at a similar stage.
DS2 has been EBF & is just over 1 yo.
For maybe the past 2 months I have been doing just 2 feeds. 1 before bedtime. The other when he wakes in the night mostly around 4-5 am.

He eats loads. Has water from a sippy cup. Have just started giving cows milk in sippy cup a few times a day- he is happy with that.
Itís been no big love affair with breast feeding for me, feeding 2 tongue tied babies! I couldnít stomach pumping this time around, so every feed has been on me & I fell into some bad ways with feeding to sleep, addressed around 8 months with some honest advice from becj.

He eats so much I cant see he needs that feed before bed or could be water or cows milk. At the mo if he has had bad naps for various reasons itís nearly impossible to feed him & avoid him falling asleep which I desperately need to avoid. Can I drop this feed first?

Nights are so so. Often we get to 4am then I feed. I try to avoid before. A few times we have got to 5-something then he wonít resettle even if I feed. He can take a while to resettle anyway it is never consistent. One night he went thru to 6.30, didnít seem bothered about the feed. The next night I offered water and basically held him for 1h45 pu/pd and ended up feeding him back to sleep at 6. I could carry on this night feed if he needs it. But it feels like it is total habit and he gets fed back to sleep. I donít feel I have any supply left for it to be much more than comfort feeding to resettle.

Any advice on how to wind it down and tackle the NW / NF would be so welcome, thanks.
Title: Re: Night weaning 1yo
Post by: *Ali* on August 27, 2018, 11:12:56 am
Check out our weaning faq for more info on methods of weaning.

It does sound like he might not be ready though so I'd just continue personally.
Title: Re: Night weaning 1yo
Post by: Rak10 on August 31, 2018, 12:40:17 pm
Thank you, loads of very good info. Am reading through the threads.
The last 3 nights he went to 6am, 6am, 5.30am then I fed & he was awake for the day I think you might be right so will stick with it a bit longer!