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Title: Short awake time, but sleeping ok (mostly!) 3 month twins/ 10 weeks adjusted age
Post by: Tori29 on August 25, 2018, 20:08:43 pm
Hi there,

My twin girls are now officially 3 months,  adjusted age 10 weeks today (so another 3 weeks till they are 3 months adjusted age).
We have been trying to follow as closely as possible EASY, but find that we are on the 2.5 rather than the 3. The issue is their awake time is around 45 minutes. Is this too little? They show clear signs - yawning, staring, and starting to put hands up to eyes, and if I let them sit for a while they will fuss and start to cry.

I don't know if I am meant to try to extend their A time- not sure how to do this without them crying? or just let them extend their A time naturally?

They are very efficient feeders, so feeding doesn't last much longer than 10-15 minutes usually (included in 45 mins awake time). Their weight gain is good (in one month 960g for one twin- born bigger; and 690g for the smaller twin- we had TTTS and SIUGR so one twin is a bit smaller and developmentally a tiny bit behind her bigger sister- currently weighing 5680g and 5040g respectively), so not too concerned about short feeding times, but it means their activity time is only about 45 minutes.
When they wake up I feed them together and then do nappy change, and then lie them on activity playmat and play with them for rest of time until they show signs of tiredness- we play with rattles, light up piano etc, so quite stimulating.

Their sleeping is not too bad- we do use dummies/ pacifiers in the cot only for them to sleep, along with white noise and I swaddle their arms whilst they were grow bags/ sleeping bags, which seems to work pretty well (had 2 nights with free arms and they kept waking up, so def still need the swaddled arms). For their naps and beginning of bed time sleep they do occasionally wake up missing the dummy, so I pop it back in (usually at 45 mins mark during nap time, or start of the nap/bedtime until they get settled and go to sleep); but during the night they don't cry for it. They wake at moment once a night around 2-3 for a feed, and then generally sleep till 6/7 (if wake at 6, i use a dummy until 7 generally).

What do you recommend? Try to increase awake time, or let them increase it naturally?

Thank you!
Title: Re: Short awake time, but sleeping ok (mostly!) 3 month twins/ 10 weeks adjusted age
Post by: Tori29 on August 26, 2018, 00:52:10 am
Forgot to post my EASY times- generally wake up most mornings between 6:45 and 7:30am, but naps vary from 45 mins to 2 hours, so bedtime is always different.
Here are my times from yesterday and today:
E 7:30am
S 8:15am

E 11:15am (had to wake them up- they had a bit of unsettled night, so think they were recovering sleep - normally don't sleep so long)
S 12:10pm

E 2:10pm (had to wake them up again)
S 3:10/3:20pm

E 5pm
S 5:40pm (took out for 45 min walk in pram)

E 6:30pm
S 7:20pm

DF 10:15pm

Woke at 3;30am for feed


E 7:15am
S 8:15am

E 10am
S 10:50am

E 1:15pm
S 2pm

E 3:30pm
S 4:15pm

E 5:25pm
S 6:30pm (put them down for bedtime, which felt a bit early, but didnt want to put them down for another catnap so late)

Bigger twin has slept through the evening (going to wake shortly for 10pm DF) but smaller twin was v unsettled and fussy, so ended up feeding and settling her around 8-8:45pm. Perhaps her bedtime was too early? I tried to feed her before putting down at 6:30pm but she was having none of it!

Thank you so much for any input!!