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Title: 11.5m old 2hr long night waking
Post by: on December 10, 2018, 13:49:20 pm
My son has never been a great night sleeper, but at 9.5m started waking for 2 hrs overnight, mostly happy but wide awake, often between 1-3 but not always (doesnít seem to be habitual) I started cutting nap time thinking day sleep was robbing night which seemed to help, then he started refusing am nap, so tried 2:1 transition (being flexible with catch up 2 nap days) and he was EW around 4.30/5 which made the one nap impossible due to long awake time. So went back to 2 naps
His EASY right now
Up 6 (often wakes earlier but we shush him till 6)
E nurses at 6, solids 7
S 9-10 (I wake from this nap)
E snack
A outside time with his older brother
E lunch 12
S 1.30-3
E nurse & snack (trying to wean)
Bath 6.30
BT 7

Itís been tricky to have a perfect EASY due to his older brothers preschool drop off/pick ups and he still naps 12.30-2, and we need some outside burn off steam time for his busy sibling (heís 3)

His nights are so random, some days heíll sleep through then wake early (although I canít remember the last time we didnít have any NW. About 2-3 times a week heíll do the 2 hr wakes, other nights heíll wake once, nurse then settle. Iím completely lost!
Appreciate any suggestions. Thank you
Title: Re: 11.5m old 2hr long night waking
Post by: creations on December 10, 2018, 19:11:04 pm
Rather than cutting down to one nap I think you might have more success with reducing the first nap down to 45 min or 30 min and keeping the second nap long, perhaps with that first nap put him down 15 min later but wake at the same time to try to keep the afternoon nap the same.
As he is 2 months older than when you previously tried the 2-1 he might be more ready now but even so most drop the second nap slowly, in steps.
Title: Re: 11.5m old 2hr long night waking
Post by: on December 11, 2018, 09:15:30 am
Thank you for your message.
Sorry I wasnít clear, but we tried the 2:1 transition at 11 months, thinking it was too early but not knowing what else to do.

Iíll try cutting his nap time further. He had 45 mins this morning because he took a while to settle, had a 1.5hr pm nap, heís been wide awake 11.30-1.15am so far 😫