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Title: Ut or ot? 5 mo
Post by: dee12h on December 27, 2018, 00:39:02 am
Hi. My 5 mo has had 45 min naps since about 6 wks! He will do one good nap most days now, but when theyíre all short, we have trouble now that his A times are longer & we canít fit 4 naps in. I heard earlier bedtime is always best to avoid ot & make up for short naps, but it seems to backfire on us as he will wake up more. He seemed to sleep better when he went to bed at 8. He also has had 3 colds in the past month which does not help at all.  :-\

E- 7
S- 9
Wake after 45 min
E- 10
S- 12
2 hr nap
E- 2
S- 4
45 min nap
E- 5
E then S- 7

DF- 9 (We tried dropping 1 DF but it backfired, but itís been awhile since we tried. He is starting to take less at the 9pm one.)
DF- 1130

He wakes up at night a lot now b/t 3:30 & 6, and goes right back to sleep with a paci. He used to sleep right through really well until around 4 mo.

So if all naps are short, they are at 9, 12, & 3 with 2 hr A times, and then bedtime is too early at 6.

Title: Re: Ut or ot? 5 mo
Post by: Katet on December 30, 2018, 03:04:28 am
I'd maybe try pushing it out to 2 hours 10 or even 2 hours 15 in the morning & see if that helps.

Does he fall asleep with the Paci at bedtime & nap time as it maybe that it's a sleep association or prop & why he wakes & goes back when you re-plug.
Title: Re: Ut or ot? 5 mo
Post by: dee12h on December 31, 2018, 19:52:50 pm
I pushed his A time today, and he napped 1.5 hrs. Both naps. Yay! Ty.

The paci is a prop, but replugging at nap time wasnít working like it does at night. Itís not causing enough problems for us to want to take it away yet.