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Title: 10 Months & Out of control NW
Post by: kristeno on January 04, 2019, 06:26:21 am
My son is 10 months old & used to sleep great. He used to put himself to sleep & only wake once per night. We obviously got lost along the way because at this point, he wakes up between 3-6 times per night, starting st 2 hours after heís gone down for bed. Iíve been trying my best to troubleshoot before introducing PU/PD, but Iím getting nowhere. I really donít want to PU/PD, but we will if we have to.

WU: 630 nurse
S: 645
WU: 730
A: 745 play in crib, 8 out of bed
E: 9 breakfast
A: 930
S: 11
WU: 1220 & nurse
A: 1235
E: 1 lunch
S: 430
WU: 515 & 4 oz bottle
A: 530
E: 630 dinner
A: 730 play (or bath)
*routine starts: 8
BT: 830 (this is way too late for me, but I canít seem to get around it)
WU: 11ish
WU: 4ish

Very often, he wonít go back to sleep until heís nursed at night. But sometimes, he doesnít care to. I know he isnít hungry, but he does eat when I offer, so I makes me concerned that he really is hungry. I know he can sleep through the night because he used to. Does anyone see a way to rework our routine to avoid the PU/PD?
Title: Re: 10 Months & Out of control NW
Post by: Katet on January 04, 2019, 11:07:18 am
Firstly has anything different happened since he stopped sleeping through? eg like he's started Daycare. As if that is the case then it's not uncommon to use the night wakings to make up for lost time in the day.  It can also be developmental with them being at a prime age for Separation Anxiety & so if they wake at night rather than going back to sleep they want to check you are there.

In terms of the late bedtime, maybe start the day with the 6.30am feed rather than starting the day at 8am, because realistically starting at 8am, 8.30pm is a fairly realistic time to fall asleep, as "time in crib" while may not be sleep it is down time that is low stimulation & is more on the sleep side than the awake side in terms of promoting the need for sleep.

In terms of the night waking. I found with my 2 boys that I could settle back to sleep with minimal PU, just by holding my hand on their body when they were lying down, which I gradually lessened over time. I found that if I worked on the first waking & not feeding I gradually got rid of that feed & then worked on the next one.

It does look like he's only got 3 milk feeds in the day & one of them a 4oz bottle, so it may be that he needs a oood milk feed at bedtime & maybe a snack before the afternoon nap, as it's a long time between the 1pm lunch & the 4oz at 5.15pm.
Title: Re: 10 Months & Out of control NW
Post by: kristeno on January 04, 2019, 17:30:56 pm
Wow, thanks for your quick response!

To start, no, nothing new at all. I guess separation anxiety could be it, but itís been like this, on & off for a few months. Itíll get better, the worse than before.

Thatís a good point about bedtime. Weíll try that!

Thatís a good idea to take it one waking at a time. The issue with just having my hand on his back is that he stands up immediately when he wakes & refuses to lay down. We have to put him all the way to sleep, then lay him down & pray he stays asleep. Heís so strong, he arches & squirms & gets up 100x over instead of laying down. Do we just keep laying him down while heís screaming?

About the feeds, Iím sorry, thatís an error on my part! He nurses after morning WU, then after morning nap, a bottle after afternoon nap (heíll only eat 4 oz, so I donít make more) & nurses or bottle before bed as well (if itís a bottle, he never drinks more than 4 oz). His bedtime routine looks like this:

Quiet Play or bath
Book with sister, mommy & daddy
Book with mommy or daddy (if with daddy, he gets a bottle here)
Lights off, sound machine on, nurse
Cuddle for 5 min & sing songs

When my husband puts him down, it takes a total of 25 min. When I do it, he wants to play with me & it could take me an hour.
Title: Re: 10 Months & Out of control NW
Post by: Katet on January 04, 2019, 21:27:55 pm
With the standing up all the time. A friend of mine had great success with doing role play with a Doll, and having the routine & showing the baby what to do. Sometimes the standing up becomes more a game or a habit. Also if he's doing that, it's probably a good thing to get him opportunities to climb & stand up in the day as much as possible,
Title: Re: 10 Months & Out of control NW
Post by: ulliko on January 06, 2019, 19:01:37 pm
Hi! I had similar problems with my DD, she is 11 months now, in our case we had a definite problem with overtiredness.
She is a spirited baby and has a real problem to shut down. We used pu/pd when she was 9 mo as she could only fall asleep on the breast at that point. I had the same problem -  she would stand up immediately and I had to put her down completely. In our case the frequency and time decreased extremely in the first days. The first day I had to do it during the enire nap times, the third day it only took 1 hr.
Unfortunately with teeting and a bad cold I fell back to accidental parenting and now went back to pu/pd. I can see now after 2 days that the night wakings are definitely decreasing and she also goes back to sleep much calmer after feeding. last night we only had 2 wakings, at 9:30 pm and then at 4 am. The night before we had 5!
I think not only was she overtired but due to accidental partening she could not properly self soothe anymore and that interrupted her nights, she also woke up every 2hrs.
Also we put her down fairly early now (she falls asleep around 6pm) which seems to work much better for her.

If the night wakings are at a similar time every night you could also try wake-to-sleep, that worked for us before. I also want to try that again as soon as our nights have settled back.
I definitely agree with Katet to give him the opportunity during the day to climb&stand up as much as possible.

Hope this helps :-)