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Title: Help - Baby won't eat
Post by: grapefruit_717 on January 24, 2019, 17:53:32 pm
My LO is 3 month old and was put on EASY since birth. Recently she stopped eating properly. When she wakes up at 7am, she will only drink maybe 1 oz, and she will go to sleep at 8, usually she sleeps well for this nap and I have to wake her up around 10-10:30, and this is when my nightmare begins: She refuses to eat! Whenever I offer milk she will just turn away and sometimes cries. She will play on the play mat and even do some tummy time though, and goes to sleep at 11. When she wakes up around 1, she will sometimes eat 1-2oz again and no more. This bad cycle goes on and on and in one day I probably get 15oz into her, and if i'm getting 20oz into her it's already a miracle.

My LO is diagnosed with GERD by the pediatrician and is on Ranitidine. It seems to work a little, and also I exclusively pump and feed her from a bottle because the pediatrician also prescribed gel mix to thicken the breast milk.

Everyday i'm stressed out and sometimes i cry because she won't eat. Someone please help me, this has been messing up the EASY and it sometimes becomes SASASA with no E and no Y. I'm at my wits end and the pediatrician doesn't seem worried because although slowly, she is putting on a little weight. She is only 3 percentile on the growth chart and only 9.7lbs now.

Help T_T

Thank you
Title: Re: Help - Baby won't eat
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