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Title: Introducing EASY TO 3 months old, advice please
Post by: rujelina on February 27, 2019, 15:15:25 pm
Hello my DD is almost 3 months old and I have started yesterday introducing EAsy. She is a snacker, and until now she woke every 2 hours in the night, I was always nursing to sleep. Since I am from Bulgaria I can't get the ebook, and there is no point in waiting for the hardcopy so I have only Secrets of the baby whisperer as a source.

I need some quick advices and answers:
 I haven't been swaddling her until now and I know it is unsafe at that age so what is the alternative?
Do I let her try to sooth herself unswadeled sucking her fists before startinging to shush? Or do I hold her hands right from the beginning before she starts to fuss?
I haven't been using pacifier until now as it wise to introduce it now only days before completing 3 months? As a tranzition?

40 min is the attempt to sleep or only the pu/pd are 40 min? May I sway/ walk?
If the baby is waking in the night despite dream feed, and despite stack feedings, how to proceed? At 3 and 6 am. I am afraid if I don't feed her my milk supply will decrease and she will lose weight.
Until now we have passed trough 7 easy cicles with aberage of 50 min crying. Is that normal? Isn't that too cruel?
Title: Re: Introducing EASY TO 3 months old, advice please
Post by: mareta on March 07, 2019, 13:10:54 pm
It's been a while since you posted- how are you doing?

This is my first post in this forum and we've been implementing EASY with my 9mo old only for a little while so don't take my words as pure gold :D But I'll try to answer you as good as I can based of all I've read. Since there has been no answers.

I've also been nursing to sleep for first 7 months so I know where you come from!

-You could use a baby sleeping bag instead of swaddling, somewhat similar although it doesn't prevent those flapping hands
-Your goal is to get her to fall asleep by herself so by all means just let her soothe herself until she doesn't cry! Intervene only if she needs you to help her. Use sush/pat if needed
-If you want to make your life easier in the short term, introduce pacifier. I've heard that some babies get so attached to the pacifier that they wake up immediately if the pacifier falls out of their mouth. I'm not sure, my baby just chews on it and doesn't know its purpose at all any more :D
-40 minutes should be the whole time you try to put her to sleep. After that feed her and try again. PU/PD is a bit early for your LO, do shush/pat. Swaying and walking (basically rocking) could become sleep props
-If she's waking at exactly same time every night it's probably habitual waking. Try wake-to-sleep technique

Usually it should take full 3 days and nights for your LO to adjust to the new regime. So I think this long crying is quite normal at first. Should become shorter and shorter.

Sending love!