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Title: 6 month old night feed
Post by: JCN on April 22, 2019, 06:29:20 am
My little man is 26weeks/just turned 6 months. He has always had a night feed around 2-3am, which was always a full 5-6oz feed.
Recently I read (on a couple of different baby sites) that night feeds shouldnít be more than 4oz or babies become dependent on it, so i cut it down to 4oz Which he settled fine after and then  he was waking around 6-6:30 rather than 7, although strangely not starving hungry and still having his WU feed at the same time of 7:15.
I also read that at this age they shouldnít need a night feed and itís often for comfort and that itís an idea to wean them off the night feed by slowly reducing it down over a few days at a time.
So for the last 2-3days Iíve made him 3oz and fed him whenever he wakes between 2-3am and on the last 2 days heís then been EW at 5:30/45 and crying for his bottle by 6-6:15. On one day he then got up for the day and on another day he settled back to sleep but then I had to wake him at 7 to try and keep a schedule.

So Iím thinking that his nightfeed isnít for comfort and he just needs it? Is this ok?? DS1 dropped MF himself at 4 months so Iíve never been in this position but lots of friends and family telling me that now heís 6 months he shouldnít need it.

His E times are 7, 11, 3 & BT 6:45. I DF at 10:30 although he often wakes earlier for this at 10-10:15pm. Then wakes again around 2-3am. He has 5-6oz per bottle and though Iíve tried to increase this heís not interested. DS1 was the same and never had more than 5oz feeds.
Heís weaned onto 3 ďmealsĒ, as we started weaning at 5months on docs advice, it itís minimal amounts and I know none of this counts towards calories or filling him up for the night.

I feel like Iím doing something wrong.
Title: Re: 6 month old night feed
Post by: Katet on April 23, 2019, 05:31:52 am
Firstly no parent does things wrong if they give loving care. All babies are different and 21st century parenting makes us feel we need to have all our ducks in a row... itís a totally impossible task. Just because your baby isnít following a textbook pattern doesnít mean a parent is doing something wrong rather, the baby isnít 100% textbook.

Yes books say babies donít need feeds at night... yet over 50% of babies still take night feeds up to 12 months old... For many reasons and sometimes it is for emotional comfort. Historically emotional needs havenít been considered, yet now research is showing that night waking to feed is meeting emotional needs.

Given that when you cutback the volume you get earlier wakings, itís a pretty good indication that either for nutrition or emotional needs, that time spent feeding is what your baby needs at this point in time.

Could also be a 6month growth spurt. As solids take up more tummy space, for less calories, the solids may actually be part of the hunger too. I know from my own 2 boys eating habits can be different as my second hardly ate an evening meal for the first 5 years of life, while he ate a big breakfast, my eldest was much more even in how he ate.

One thing I know (having teens) is that poor sleeping babies can grow into delightful teens, itís definitely not going to harm him long term.
Title: Re: 6 month old night feed
Post by: JCN on April 23, 2019, 05:40:04 am
Ok, so last night I decided to go  back to 4oz on the nightfeed (2:45am) and he drank it all & moaned a little when it was gone but then settled to sleep ok with dummy and comforter. He then woke at 6:00 (which isnít too bad in my books as itís the time he will have to be up when I return to work) - Happy, chatting (which he hasnít been lately) and now itís 6:45 and heís only just starting to grizzle with hunger, rather than at 6:15 like he has done when the NF was reduced.
This was after a day of normal feeds: 4x 4 hourly 5-6oz bottles, and then a 6.5oz dreamfeed (which he woke for himself at 22:15) - so he was no more full than usual etc.

I think for me, that this cements that he needs this amount of milk to remain settled. He is a big baby (heís on the 98th centile on the charts) and perhaps just needs more. I have tried to no avail to get more into him during the day but he just doesnít want it. 🤷🏻‍♀️
As long as itís the only time that heís waking then I donít really mind. Which some nights this is the case and others he will also wake inbetween haha.
His brother was a terrible sleeper - dropping his NF at 4 months but woke several times a night/EW  until he was 18months old. I suppose you can never win haha.