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Title: 7 mon early waking
Post by: Mum2lucy on May 11, 2019, 06:21:20 am

Iím hoping someone can give me an opinion. Iíve titled it early wake up and I guess itís not really early but Iím hoping someone can help me shift things.

Background - LG is 7 months, exclusively breastmilk fed by bottle, self soothes since 3.5 months due to thumb sucking. Goes to sleep independently for naps and bedtime. I have another 4 year old LG so sometimes routine has to be disturbed to do her activities or nursery runs. Baby LG does not sleep well on the go, 30/40 naps.

My routine just now looks like this

Wu: 6
S: 9.15-11.15
S: 2.15 - 4.15
B 7

Yesterday for example as I was out with older LG it was

Wu: 6.10
S: 9.25-11.25
S: 3.05-5.05
Bed 7.30 s: 7.40

Wu 6

Sometimes there is a nw between 12-4 for a feed. At 6 when she wakes, she is so noisy cooing and shouting that it is waking my 4 year old 🙈 how can I get past this 6am wake up? Even to shift the routine to try and get a half 6 wake up??? Or is it a case of ride this one out?

Title: Re: 7 mon early waking
Post by: Katet on May 11, 2019, 10:54:32 am
Looking at her total sleep I'd say the 6am wakeup is quite simply she is getting around 14.5/15 hours an she doesn't need that extra hour.
I'd say either cut naps back to 1.5 hours or a later bedtime might work, but it may just be she is an early riser and her natural rhythm is to wake early so cutting back might just reduce her overall sleep.
Title: Re: 7 mon early waking
Post by: MiniNs on May 12, 2019, 21:17:34 pm
I would agree with PP, it seems that if sheís waking happy then her sleep needs are being met. With my DS1, with a 7pm BT he never slept past 6am whilst he still needed 2 naps per day. When he dropped to 1 nap, he slept in until 6:15/30. I considered pushing his BT back, to push the WU but decided, for me and OH, that having that extra time in the evening was more important than the morning.