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Title: Starting easy with 4 week old - please help!!
Post by: AshGop on June 28, 2019, 11:03:42 am
Hi there this is my 2nd child and I did use easy with my first but sheís almost 5 years old now so Iíve forgotten everything I learnt and did!
Also I donít think started easy until she was 3 months
Iím really Keen to start easy sooner with this little one... but have no idea where to start... PLEASE HELP!
I have looked at the example routines but have some questions

Is it too soon to start easy at 4 weeks?

Does awake time include feeding? So if awake time for 4week old is approx an hour and baby usually takes 30\40 mins to feed then is that 20 more mins of awake time?

Iím struggling to pick up on his sleepy cues too.... he does t seem to show any sign other than start crying after a while of being on the play mat...what can I look out for?

Iíve been trying to put him down since last feed and been shush pat to put him to sleep and itís coming up to hour and half of trying... every time he calms and I put him down in cot, he wakes and cries within 5 mins...Iím staying in the room after I put him in cot and continue with shush pat and PU/PD but heís still waking... next feed is due in about 20 mins so should I just feed and then try to put him straight down?
Heís just now fallen asleep in my arms now that he is calm so do I try and put in cot? And if he does sleep do I still wake him in 20 mins?

Would really appreciate any help and advice , thank you in advance !
Title: Re: Starting easy with 4 week old
Post by: AshGop on June 29, 2019, 11:11:05 am
Any advice would really be much appreciated... bubs woke at 10am for his feed this morning and by the time we finished it was 1120am with 2 nappy changes , pausing to wind, latching can take a few mins too, and he also brought up milk twice ...
So my question is if I want to try the 3 hour easy, and his awake currently should be approx 1 hour ( and assuming that E is part of the A time), then have I already missed the window to put him down? Iíve been trying for half an hour to put him down and he is tired and his eyes are starting to close but all of a sudden they open wide again... I tried to put him in cot when calm but still awake but started crying again after a few minutes... Iím really worried I just canít get him to sleep and then have to get my other half to step in,.... and he goes back to work next week 😥😥😥😥😥
Title: Re: Starting easy with 4 week old - please help!!
Post by: AshGop on July 02, 2019, 15:24:37 pm
Hi there any advice at all for me please??
Title: Re: Starting easy with 4 week old - please help!!
Post by: scheaashby on July 02, 2019, 19:44:08 pm
Maybe overtired? When the nursing takes that long,
Does he appear sleepy on the breast? Maybe need to try some tactics to wake  him up by changing before feeding, tickling feet etc..  If not, you just have to flow for 1 hr 20 min A time. This is my third, but this baby is way difficult for sleeping so Iím no expert! Four weeks is also very young, so follow baby cues for sleep and feed times I think the FAQ board has some sample EASY schedules for that age.
Title: Re: Starting easy with 4 week old - please help!!
Post by: AshGop on July 03, 2019, 12:31:54 pm
Thanks for ur reply! Yes I do usually have a nappy change and if he starts getting sleepy I start undressing him a little or take him off and get him to re latch...
trying to follow cues but I just canít seem to differentiate between them...🤔