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Title: Total sleep at 9 months?
Post by: MiniNs on July 20, 2019, 05:42:37 am
Hey everyone,

DS2 is getting on really well with EASY and has done for a while now, we have almost set nap times as he is so predictable and he mostly STTN. I am not grumbling, however, I wondered if anyone has some advice on his total sleep and perhaps a routine tweak to stop EW? By my calculations, he normally totals about 14 hours sleep over naps and bed time. His naps usually total 3-3.5hours and so we are getting about 11 hours at night, from 7pm-5:30am (sometimes earlier BT an/or  earlier EW) However, with an A time of around 3-3h15 Iím struggling to cap his naps or move them in order to get him sleeping longer at night. (I am happy for him to WU at 6am if he STTN as this is when I get up for work etc)

Current schedule:

EW: 5:30 approx (sometimes earlier/later) - he is happy to stay in cot so I leave him until 6am.
S: 9:00-10:30/11 (mostly 11am at the moment.)
S: 13:45:14:00-15:15/30 (dependent on WU from last nap)
BT: 18:30/18:45 (3h15 from last WU)

Should I be trying to extend him to 3.5hours A time seems how this is what I push him to for his first nap? He happily goes down at 9am regardless of his WU - even on the rare days where heís slept in until 6:30am (usually after a bad night). But he does always seem to struggle to do a loner A between his other sleeps.

Any advice? Or should I just grin and bear the EW until he can extend A?

NB: DS1 is 2y10m and goes to bed at 7pm so I would prefer not to shift DS2 BT much beyond this.
Title: Re: Total sleep at 9 months?
Post by: Katet on July 20, 2019, 07:01:03 am
14 hours would be about right in terms of total sleep.
And 11hours at night would also be pretty much average.

I struggled with early wake up times with both mine although DS2 only ever gave 9.5- 10hours at night so even with an 8pm bedtime he was up by  5.30/6am at the it could be that 11 hours is your DSs maximum.
Maybe a later first nap could shift it slightly later, but if he's happy to stay in bed to 6am it's probably that he's getting enough sleep and it's a bit like with my DS2 learning for me not to be woken by his chatting away (as DS2 woke up happy) and teach myself to sleep until get up time as DS2 didn't need me... He just woke up then
Title: Re: Total sleep at 9 months?
Post by: MiniNs on July 22, 2019, 06:11:08 am
DS1 only ever did 10-10.5 at night regardless of anything I did and used to frequently NW too right up to 15months old so I am already so very grateful for DS2ís better sleep pattern. Iíll defo keep the EW if heís STTN thatís for sure.

Glad to eat his total sleep is about average. Iíll keep with our current routine :)