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Title: 8 month old frequent night waking again
Post by: Chelsea22 on July 24, 2019, 06:40:32 am
Hi, It's Me again... He's now 8 months and he has been on EASY since 2 months.
. Although his naps were fixed and sleeping went well for a few months he has started waking  again, for over two weeks he wakes around 10.30pm crying, I donít go into him and he usually settles him and sleeps till around 3am.
He wakes anytime between 3 and 4am and Iíve tried PU/PD which doesn't work, he screams and pushes me away, Iíve tried putting him down and just cries, leaving my hand on his back, given him water but he seems hungry and the only thing that works is milk, where he takes about 150ml and settles to around 6am and again wakes crying and tired. More milk of around of 100ml settles him to about 7.30am.
He has 4 teeth and others are coming through. I'm exhausted and at a lost with the night wakings.

His schedule is

E 07.30 200ml milk and 25g baby porridge
A walk play
S 10.30

E 12.00 150g  mix protein, veg and pasta/rice/potatoes
S 13.30 - 15.30

E 15.30 250ml milk
A play and walk

E 18.00 35g pasta/rice with vegetables
A bath
S 19.15 bedtime
Title: Re: 8 month old frequent night waking again
Post by: Katet on July 24, 2019, 08:14:03 am
Am I reading correctly that he only has 2 milk feeds?
At 8mo that's very low and the solids are pretty high.
Milk is actually more calorie dense than solids so I'd be cutting back on the solids to more a taste (all they really need until closer to a year) and give milk first at the 3 meal times plus the afternoon one (so 4 milk feeds)
Milk is also important for hydration as solids don't help there and it's rare that an 8mo will drink enough water....esp if it's hot.
There are also emotional needs babies wake so it's possible any changes to care arrangements if they have occurred could be an influence.
Title: Re: 8 month old frequent night waking again
Post by: Chelsea22 on July 25, 2019, 06:08:32 am
Hi, thanks for the reply, I issued of the evening Milk. He has 250ml milk before bedtime. Therefore has 3 milk feeds in the day at a total of 700ml.
Iíll try adding another one in the day to see if that helps but our Dr told me to reduce the milk feeds last month as he was eating and taking more milk than normal at each feed.
He was a hungry baby and solids were started at 4 months.