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Title: 7 months old drastically reduced food!! HELP! ???
Post by: SaraMamma on September 24, 2019, 19:54:26 pm
Hi everyone,

My DD has stareted solids at 5months. She LOVED it and used to eat anything I put in front of her (pumpkin, peas, spinaches, zucchini...) and she had about 6tbsp of food for breakfast (cereals, fruit, yogurth) and 6 tbsp for lunch (veggies and cereals). She was totally breastfed apart from the last milk of the day, when she'd get 240ml of formula.

However, we have recently moved to Italy (2 weeks ago, from Melbourne) and she has almost STOPPED EATING solids! ???

With the move, I've also stopped breastfeeding (apart from the dreamfeed), as my milk supply was decreasing a lot and felt she simply couldn't get enough.

Now, she is 7 MONTHS OLD and her routine is about this:

7-7:30am - wake up and 150ml milk (I prepare 180ml but she's leaving always 30ml)
8:45am - solid breakfast (fruit, cereals and yogurth, 6tbsp total, she'll eat it up and sometimes want more)
10-10:30am 1.5h nap

11:30-12 - bottle 150ml
1pm - solid lunch (SHE'S REFUSING IT, OR HAVING MAYBE 1 TEASPOON!! She hates things she used to love back home!!!)
3pm - 1.5h nap

4:30pm - bottle 150ml (she might leave 30ml)
i dropped her dinner as she just didn't want it...
6:30pm - bottle 180ml (she tends to leave 30ml at times)
7:15pm- BED TIME

10/10:30pm- dreamfeed BF

I don't understand why she is refusing food she used to eat before (like gagging on it), it's driving me insane!! Is it the different weather (we moved from winter into a still quite warm late summer...)

She always looks interested when she sees us eating, so I'm debating whether to try giving her finger foods instead... but I'm scared she might be choking on it... I'm really lost, not sure what to do and I'm scared she might be dropping weigh or (worse) becoming a fussy eater!  :-\

Any suggestions or constructive opinions are well accepted... thank you!
Title: Re: 7 months old drastically reduced food!! HELP! ???
Post by: Katet on September 25, 2019, 05:57:41 am
Honestly, stop worrying!
At y
7mo solids are for experience and a teaspoon is enough.
She's getting a decent amount of milk and formula is slower to digest than BM.

#1 thing with babies and feeding, as long as you get plenty of wet nappies and bowel movements regularly (like every day or two) and your baby is generally happy and not complaining don't stress it.

Fwiw... My eldest was a limited eater until 4yo, my youngest ate everything until 2yo... As a teen the eldest eats more variety than my youngest. their cousins are the same best eaters when little, worst eaters As got older!  As a child I was my mother's picky eater, my brother ate everything... Now it's the opposite.
Best advice is don't worry about down the road as too much can change.
Title: Re: 7 months old drastically reduced food!! HELP! ???
Post by: SaraMamma on September 25, 2019, 19:33:30 pm
Thank you,

I guess you're right.. and if she doesn't complain I shouldn't be worried.

It's just hard to introduce new foods if she only has breakfast  :-\

Oh well, I'll see how she goes over time...

Thank you again!
Title: Re: 7 months old drastically reduced food!! HELP! ???
Post by: Katet on September 26, 2019, 01:22:16 am
50 years ago a 2year old to had been introduced to 20-30 foods, 100 years ago it was about 10... It's not really a problem if she's only seen 20 foods by 1yo and by 4yo when the tastebuds are at their peak if she's one of the 25% of children that are supertasters, she may only eat 10 foods even if she's seen 300... So it really isn't worth worrying about.

The best food education you can give is to eat meals  with her and give her a chance to feel, play and maybe even taste foods.