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Title: 1 year old night wakings 2:1
Post by: Mum2lucy on October 21, 2019, 07:04:40 am
Hello 👋

I’ve had good advice in the past and I’m now looking for advice for my 1 year old. She’s 13 months on 1st November.

We’ve been in the 2:1 for ages but trying to not rush it therefore she’s been having a 30-40 mins cat nap in the afternoon for ages. She’s a pretty flexible napper in that she can do a long am nap and short pm or vice versa depending on what we have on (I also have a 4 year old). LG probably prefers a long am nap but it can be challenging to get cn in.

She has been a pretty decent sleeper since 4 months old. Self settles for all sleeps and sucks her thumb. She’s had weight issues so I have only recently night weaned. She has taken to this ok. She still has a bottle of water if she needs it.

My problem is that she keeps on having a long night waking for about an hour. When she wakes she cries and I go in and give her a cuddle and a drink of water. This settles her and then she lies quietly in her cot for 30/45 mins and then cries again and it’s another cuddle and sometimes more water. Then she goes to sleep. This night waking then pushes everything back as she sleeps late in the morning. I don’t know whether to let her sleep as she is obviously still tired?

My day tends to look like:
Wu: 7.00
S: 11.00 - 1.00
S: 4.15-4.45/5
Bt: 8
Nw for an hour between 4-5.30

She does nursery 3 days a week where she doesn’t have a good routine as she doesn’t sleep well there. She normally takes two short 40 mins naps at nursery.

Thanks. I have attached a pic of my sleep track app.

Title: Re: 1 year old night wakings 2:1
Post by: Mum2lucy on November 03, 2019, 05:53:44 am
Anyone? x