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Title: 9.5 mo old EASY mess
Post by: JennVanessa1083 on November 04, 2019, 08:12:40 am

I am desperately needing some guidance on my 9.5 mo old. I have read so so many past BW posts to find some ideas and have tried them but am still having issues.

We are getting strange nap lengths and seemingly UT NW but then we get what seems like OT NW within the first couple of hours after bedtime.

She isnít crawling and barely rolls over. She was born one month preterm and spent time in the NICU. Pediatrician isnít concerned about her development though. She does like to try to stand with help.  She also just cut her first two teeth.

This is what I have been attempting as an EASY last few days
WU 7 am
Nap 1 10:30 am (35-1:20)
Nap 2 2.75-3.5 (depending on nap 1); anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours
BT 7 pm

She typically does 11-12 hour nights. I honestly donít know what she should be doing at this age in terms of EASY. Should I be capping?

If I have to do a long am/ short pm nap, I would rather do the long am/short pm as it works for school pick up of my older son.

Thank you!
Title: Re: 9.5 mo old EASY mess
Post by: JennVanessa1083 on November 05, 2019, 15:36:08 pm
Anyone have words of wisdom or encouragement?

Last night she was again for an hour between 2:45-3:45ish  ???
Title: Re: 9.5 mo old EASY mess
Post by: CattyPads on November 06, 2019, 15:29:23 pm

I was reading this thread and the other one you started as we seem to have similar problems! But there doesnt seem to be much traffic here anymore :( have you had any luck with your issues? x
Title: Re: 9.5 mo old EASY mess
Post by: Katet on November 08, 2019, 08:21:59 am
Yes there isn't much traffic on the site anymore. I think Facebook baby groups seem the go these days.

around 9 months can be difficult & really is just the first example of the balancing act a parent faces for the rest of their parenting journey.

The question (which you may never find the answer for is -
1) is she physically under tired & mentally over tired.  or
2) is she physically overtired & mentally undertired or
3) is she both physically and mentally undertired or
4) is she both physically and mentally overtired. or
5) does it change from day to day & nap to nap.

Some babies (Angel) seem to just sleep wonderfully, but even textbook have the mental & physical environment having an impact & then if she's a spirited, grumpy or touchy baby well it's almost impossible to tweak a routine to be by the clock & you have to really learn what your child is like as one day they might want 1 hour before a nap another 3 hours.

As to routine, 3 hours daytime sleep is a good goal to aim for & about 11 hours overnight would probably fit the right total sleep in 24hours, but if there is a LSN side then they might  need less sleep.  My eldest was a reasonably HSN child, but tended to need longer naps (4+ hours) & 10-11 at night, rather than shorter naps & 12 hours at night. My youngest was LSN but could only cope with textbook A times & would have been perfect in a 23hour day, so it was a horrible juggle, let him stay up longer he was a mess at bedtime & maybe wake about 6am, put him to bed at 7pm & he'd be up at 5am & then I'd have a messy hour at 6pm the next day, get the day sleep working & he'd night wake.

textbook routine for a 9mo would be
wake about 7am
first nap 10 -11.30
second nap 2.30-4pm
bedtime 7pm
with at least sleep time that they won't easily settle or wake early or sleep longer and or at least one night waking... because at the end of the day night waking is actually biologically normal, rather than a problem with the child & actually more likely to happen in western society where babies sleep separately from their mother.

Title: Re: 9.5 mo old EASY mess
Post by: JennVanessa1083 on November 08, 2019, 18:39:00 pm
Thanks so much!

So sheís now about to be 10 months lol we are having mild success with the following however; we still get what feels like OT wakings in the early part of the evening

This is what we have been doing for the last couple of days (today is all over the place bc of errands)

WU 7 am
Nap 10:15 (1.5-2hrs long)
30 minute CN 3.25-3.5 (depending if she slept 1.5 or 2 hrs)
BT 7 pm (3 hrs A)

Not sure why we are getting OT wakings and she wakes from her second nap on her own. Is she overtired or UT by then causing the short nap? Then OT by bedtime?

She still does 12 hour nights and about 13.5-14 hours of total sleep