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Title: Six month old waking every hour
Post by: sophsk22 on December 23, 2019, 21:17:29 pm
Please help! My six month old hasn't been a great sleeper since the four month regression hit. Before then he would typically have a feed about 9.30 and then two feeds in the night. Since four months he's been waking much more frequently but the last few weeks it's been pretty horrendous. He always wakes forty minutes after bedtime and generally will only settle again after a feed. The longest stretch I seen to get after that is about 90 minutes and he then wakes almost every hour until morning wake up at 7.15 ish. Our day isn't exactly consistent because we have school drop off and pick up some days but not others. He goes to sleep independently for naps and at bedtime. He is a bit of a snacker and goes a maximum of three hours between feeds, generally it's a little less. I'm struggling to extend that for various reasons. On a good day, our routine looks something like this :

Wakeup 7.15
Sleep 9.30-11am
Sleep 1.30 - 2.15
Sleep 4.30 (this is generally a battle and I often have to feed him to sleep for a short cat nap. I haven't been able to extend the earlier nap to get away with dropping this one and we have to do older child pick up at 5.15 so I can't do it later).

I'm at an exhausted loss as to how to fix things. When he wakes in the night I try and settle without feeding but he will properly cry for a good fifteen minutes even with me picking him up and nothing else will do. Occasionally I can settle without a feed but it's probably only once a night out of about eight wake ups! Pick up put down wouldn't work because he doesn't actually settle when I pick him up unless I feed him. I don't think it's teeth because I gave him some calpol when he seemed particularly upset the other night and it made no difference. He's such a happy chilled out baby during the day and no sign of any discomfort that I can tell.

Please help!
Title: Re: Six month old waking every hour
Post by: Katet on December 27, 2019, 22:54:15 pm
Have you had him checked medically, my DS2 woke every hour or so at one stage, he was happy as anything in the day, but wouldn't sleep at night. Turned out he had an ear infection.
My DS1 also showed almost no signs he had glue ear, he was a bad sleeper and it was a combination of enlarged adenoids and glue ear that lead to poor sleep... essentially a form of sleep apenoa. I don't want to denigrate Drs but many just fob off with a try controlled crying, when often there is an underlying problem they aren't specialised enough to see. Took an ENT to find my DS1s problem...two GPs said his ears were clear, ENT said they were full of clear fluid, but as they weren't red and bulging the GPs didn't pick it up...ENT told me it wasn't uncommon to be missed
Title: Re: Six month old waking every hour
Post by: sophsk22 on December 30, 2019, 20:09:57 pm
Thank you, that's helpful, I'll take him. I would have assumed something like that would also be apparent during the day. He's got a cold right now so after a few days of two hourly wakings we're back to not wanting to go off to sleep in the first place and then waking every hour.
Title: Re: Six month old waking every hour
Post by: Katet on December 31, 2019, 05:51:08 am
I would have thought the same with the day, but it wasn't with either of mine