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Title: Easy and naps with school run help please!!
Post by: AshDosh on January 08, 2020, 13:54:33 pm
Hi there not sure if this should go on this board or the naps board so pls let me know if I should repost...
But I really need some advice from you about managing easy routine for 2nd child whilst first is at school.
My girl is 5 years old and started reception in September and my boy is now 7 months .
Up to now Iíve been able to manage his routine fairly well and also do the school runs dropping and picking up ..
But now Iím going too start struggling as awake time needs to start increasing again in a couple weeks I think. I do the pick up 3 times a week so the other 2 days I can keep a better routine (although not sure if that will even work if the other 3 days Iím having to wake him.....)

Routine currently is with 2.5 hour awake time

7am wake up
E 730am bottle
S 930
E 11 am bottle
E 12 ish lunch ( started weaning about 3 weeks ago)
S 130pm
3pm leave for school pick up
E 330pm bottle
5/530pm catnap for about 45 mins
Cap catnap at 545/6pm
E 630pm. bottle
BT 7pm

So my issue is that I want to start increasing a time and (eventually get rid of the catnap) but this means 2nd nap will be cut short due to school pick up... I have tried before picking him out of cot and straight into buggy but he always wakes up....

How are you other mums managing this? Iím going to start increasing a time by 10 mins initially but this means his 2nd nap will be cut down to 1 hour 10 mins (and will be cut even further when a time continues to increase to 3 hours) before I have to go for school run..... so Even though I want to cut the catnap out, Iím not sure he will stretch to 7pm bedtime . As he would be awake from 3pm until 7 pm which is 4 hours!!

Should I bring bedtime earlier or just keep the catnap? And also worried he wonít get enough day time sleep this way if his 2nd nap is always being cut short.

Apologies for the long post but have so many questions and really appreciate any advice you can give, thanks I advance!!

Title: Re: Easy and naps with school run help please!!
Post by: AshDosh on January 13, 2020, 10:04:02 am
Hi there anyone with any  experience or suggestions on the below?? Would be very grateful!