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Title: HELP please with 10mth old schedule
Post by: Amberthorne352 on April 22, 2020, 17:06:02 pm
Iím looking for some advice on my 10mth olds schedule. Recently he has been waking after 45mins/1hr  from his afternoon nap and we are having to give him a 10min catnap in the car to get him to bedtime because he canít manage more than 3.5hr awake and wonít take a decent bedtime bottle when he is shattered.
 His current schedule is:

A 6.15/6.30 6oz bottle/ 7.30 breakfast
S 9.30/9.45 1.30hr-1.45hr
A 11/11.15 lunch (we dropped this bottle a week ago as advised by the health visitor) / snack before nap
S 2.15/2.30 45mins/1 hr
A 3/3.15 7oz bottle/ tea at 4.30/5
S 5.15 for 10mins/ 7oz bottle at 7.15
S 7.30pm
He still has a bottle through the night (we havenít been able to drop it yet which is another issue but have brought it forward to 11pm rather than midnight/1am)

He has recently started crawling and pulling to stand so is difficult to get to sleep until he afternoon and bedtime

At one stage we were allowing afternoon naps in his pushchair and he was sleeping perfectly for around 1.30hrs and not needing a catnap but Iíve moved it back to the cot because I believe the sleep should be there.

I think there are a combination of issues and would appreciate some (firm if necessary) advice. Iím a sucker for not changing things in the worry it makes things worse but am willing to try.

Title: Re: HELP please with 10mth old schedule
Post by: Katet on April 23, 2020, 06:57:42 am
Firstly I'd try moving the first nap later and then knock on  the second would be later.

Also given in a few months the move will be to 1 nap... As long as the morning is in the Cot, of the afternoon nap in the pushchair works, then why not do that, why make life harder...or why make a problem where there doesn't really need to be one.
As I got told when mine were babies, we need to look at our real goal, which in this case is a good afternoon sleep so as not to need a catnap, it's not to make sure it's always in the cot... So I think in many ways an unimportant belief  may just be part of  causing your problem. So tbh I'd go back to trying the nap in the pushchair if that was working.
Title: Re: HELP please with 10mth old schedule
Post by: Amberthorne352 on April 23, 2020, 17:34:41 pm
Thanks. I will do that. Just needed to be told itís ok and see the wood for the trees. The long term goal is one good nap as provided he has one in his cot a day, Iím half way there.