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Title: Don't know where to start with the 3rd baby
Post by: 1stimer on July 30, 2020, 20:25:46 pm
I did EASY with our first two. Our third just turned 3 weeks and I feel lost. Our oldest two are 6 and 9 so it's been a while. This little guy is a premie and was delivered via C-section at 36 weeks because I developed cholestatis and he had Hydrops while I was pregnant that we miraculously cured!! So his feeding schedule is nurse for 20 minutes if possible, give a bottle, and then I pump for 10 minutes. This is what our pediatrician told us to try because his latch is still wonky and she doesn't want him burning a ton of calories. We are doing 3 oz every 2 hours feeding and hoping that will stretch his night sleeps, but so far we are still on every 2 hours at night. We are having problems with him finishing a bottle in one sitting. He will usually fall asleep so I'll change him and then he's ready to finish the bottle. At night he usually takes 2-2.5 oz and falls asleep and I'll leave him be. sometimes when I burp him, it wakes him up and then we are kind of at a loss for what to do since I feel like he should really be sleeping more than he does. He sometimes bhas several stretches a day where hebusbup for 2 hours . Occasionally he won't finish or fall asleep and he's really unsettled until he either feeds more or just passes out. I'm not sure where to start with his easy at this point since we've got a lot going on. Help!!!! I've been out of the newborn game for too long and I feel more list than I did with my first!!
Title: Re: Don't know where to start with the 3rd baby
Post by: Katet on July 31, 2020, 04:08:03 am
Congratulations on your baby
Now remember your baby is at week -1!  So what it is doing is totally right.
There is a plethora of information and it can make us feel we *should* be doing X or y, but the reality is the information is an average for term babies, not ones with a different journey. I had a bigish term baby 17years ago... He was still feeding every 2-3 hours at 6weeks.
If you look at your baby's fist and that is about the size of his tummy, so 2oz may not seem much but it's an ok amount and sadly you might hope for longer sleep, but at week -1 2 hours is pretty good going and falling asleep feeding is normal.
Really the only thing you could do better is worry less and remember the first 3 months (or in your case 4 months) are pretty much when the single most important thing is not the routine, but the bonding.   

Title: Re: Don't know where to start with the 3rd baby
Post by: 1stimer on August 01, 2020, 23:25:13 pm
Kate! Good to see you here again..I believe weve chatted on the forums multiple times!! Thank you for the advice! The info IS overwhelming and I feel more pressure with this guy being my I should be able to do everything one handed and know what he's thinking before he thinks it.  I think him being mostly on bottles (that I'm pumping) makes me hyper aware of how much and how often he's eating. With my last he was EBF and I just put him to breast whenever he wanted...with pumping I see my stockpile decrease, and he just wants to snack and not finish's a little stressful. Luckily my supply is great so I don't have to worry but....I worry nonetheless.
Title: Re: Don't know where to start with the 3rd baby
Post by: deb on August 04, 2020, 22:45:16 pm
Just stopped by here and CONGRATULATIONS!

Remember, your preemie is still pre-4th-"trimester." In addition to Kate's advice, Hang in there!

Will PM you w/additional contact info just in case you need support.  :-*