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Title: 6 week old - struggling with naps and bedtimes
Post by: sunny90 on August 25, 2020, 16:59:39 pm
My baby girl (after 4 boys, and after a 4.5 year gap) is 6.5 weeks old and I've been trying to keep to EASY since she was born.

A few problems:

This is what our schedule basically looks like.

630/7 - E (she usually drifts off during this feed)
830ish - S (I often put her in the baby carrier around 8:15 and she ends up falling asleep in the next 15 min)
10 - E
1130ish - S
1 - E
220ish - S
4 - E
515 - S
6 - E
715/730 - bath and pjs
745ish - E and put to bed

It sometimes can take me til close to 9 to make sure she's all the way asleep and now that she's waking up just a little over 2 hours later is completely exhausting me.
When can I start moving her towards independent sleep? Can I start doing PUPD? With my other kids at least I'd rock them in the stroller and they'd sleep for 45 min before I had to work on keeping them asleep, with her she's maybe sleeping for half an hour before stirring and having to be jiggled back to sleep in the carrier.