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Title: Night wakings coupled with shush pat - schedule check??
Post by: Mommyadel on November 14, 2020, 01:43:33 am
Babes is 7 months schedule as follows:
Wake 7
Nap 9:30/10
Wake 11/11:30
Wake 4
Sleep 8

Babes was waking constantly all night almost every hr to 2 hrs. I was going in and nursing her but have since stopped since about 4 days ago. Now I go in when she wakes and sush pat her back to bed and donít feed her any earlier then 12am. If she wake after that before 3 hrs I try to sush pat her back to sleep. We have just transitioned her to solids within these last 2 weeks but breastfeed her and she is on a 4 hr easy.

The night wakings have gotten significantly less, but wakes when I put her to bed around 2 hrs mark she wakes and I know she is not hungry so I sush pat her to bed.( she responds very well to sush pat even though she is 7 months). Is there something I am missing ... why is she waking constantly and so early in her sleep. I suspect she is over tired so should I tweet her schedule?? If I wake her any earlier then 7am she has a hard time making it to 3 hrs for wake time.