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Title: Full term One week old won't sleep without being held
Post by: MomAnge on January 09, 2021, 23:05:42 pm
Hoping for some advice.  Have a one week old who has only slept for 40 minutes in crib/bassinet - in total since birth.  Will only sleep in someone's arms - this includes during the day and at night.  Mom and Dad can't sustain this.
We are tracking feeding and sleeping to see the patterns but only just started this.
What should we do?  Is she too young for pick up /put down?  should we watch for sleep cues, do a routine and put in crib - do patt shh as needed.
Or can we get her to sleep in our arms and put her down at the 20 minute mark when in a deeper sleep?  But she still seems to wake after very little time.
She has not slept for a stretch of 2-3 hours since she was born - other than in someones arms.
All advice welcome!  tks!