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Title: Baby laying with eyes wide open
Post by: AnaQ on January 25, 2021, 03:41:01 am
My 8 week old babe has a hard time falling asleep for bedtime. He naps relatively well (sometimes needs help with shush patting but can fall asleep on his own).

I would say he is mostly textbook with a bit of touchy from what I can tell.

Every night he either has a hard time falling asleep fussing or he will just lay there with his eyes wide open. But just for bedtime! Usually lasts between 1.5-2 hours with or without going in and shush patting.

His schedule is (usually)
E/a 7:30
S 8:10
E/a 10
S 10:45
E/a 1
S 1:45
E/a 4
S 4:45
E/a 6
Bedtime between 6:15-7 depending on if he wakes up early from late afternoon nap or not (usually 45-50 mins after he wakes up)
Feeds at 8 & 11
And 1 or 2 motn feeds.

I am super conscious of overstimulation. Probably too conscious. My only theory is possibly undertired??? Could that be it? He seems so sleepy when I put him down and he goes to sleep for his naps within 10 mins. But itís just bedtime that consistently takes sometimes past the 8pm feeding to fall asleep! (But once heís out heís out for the night; just waking to feed them going right back down). I have scoured the books and internet for a solution and I just canít find out why he would 1. just lay there with his eyes open making no sounds for an hour (i only know heís awake because of our video monitor otherwise Iíd assume heís sleeping). and 2. Why he consistently takes 1-2.5 hrs to fall asleep at night!

Can anyone help? Iím at wits end hah.
Title: Re: Baby laying with eyes wide open
Post by: Katet on January 25, 2021, 10:05:46 am
Honestly if you didn't have a monitor you wouldn't of he's happy and not crying 'if it ain't broke don't fix it's
Many babies (like my youngest) do quite happily lie awake enjoying their own company
If you are really worried, try extending A time as if he's happy then he doesn't need as much sleep as you are giving him the chance to have.
Title: Re: Baby laying with eyes wide open
Post by: AnaQ on January 26, 2021, 20:37:16 pm
I feel like I have been telling myself things like that but sometimes a third party is nice as in the moment itís like what is wrong with this baby! I have been starting to extend his wake time by 5 mins to work up to maybe 1hr / 1:15 over the next few weeks and I think that will help. I know with my first we only had an audio monitor (which I much prefer... less to fret about and you learn to listen to their type of cry rather than watch them fuss or lay there wide awake) however they donít make dual audio monitors so we had to get video to get them both on one monitor system. I think we are staring to figure it out tho... but once that happens I know things are about to change!