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Title: Terrible naps during the day | 17 weeks old
Post by: AnnaKorp on December 04, 2021, 12:22:42 pm

My daughter is 17 weeks old and is obviously going through the 4 mo sleepregression…
She was never a very good sleeper. The first few months she cried a lot, so we held her very close to us. She is used to sleeping in the carrier and being rocked to sleep.

A few weeks ago we started with BW and she suddenly could sleep in her crib (we did pet/shh, but instead of petting stroke her eyebrows).

But now with the sleepregression…
Catnaps are very common and now she won’t sleep in her crib anymore unless we rock her to sleep and very calmly put her in her crib. (She’s too fussy for pat/shh). Very often she’s awake after 10 minutes after laying her in her crib.

At this moment I really don’t know how to handle this situation 🥲
This morning’s nap we put her in the carrier, so she could have two cycles of sleep.
For her other naps we don’t know what to do… We have a toddler too that wants his attention.

(FYI: she seems to be able to fall asleep herself, as she has shown last week with some naps). But atm she’s wide awake in her crib.

Can someone please give advise/tips?

Our schedule is something like:

7.30: E + A
9.15: S
10.45: E + A
12.30: S
13.15: A
14.15: E + A
15.00: S
15.45: A
17.00: E + A
17.30: S
18.30: A
20.00: E + S (after small bottle she’s still awake)
20.30: A
22.00: E + S (after bottle only sleepy, but still awake)
3.00: E (dreamfeed)

How do we improve? Or is it a matter of time? 😬

Thanks for your responses in advance ❤️