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Title: Skin Prick Test -Update
Post by: OzMummy on July 25, 2005, 08:04:17 am
DS was put on allergy meds a couple of weeks ago. Almost all of his problems cleared up (he still has a rash on his head/face). The Dr told us only to give the meds for 2 weeks, we stopped at 2 weeks and the very next day his cough/sneezing were back.

We still don't know if the problem is food related or environmental. We eliminated all cereals except rice and dustmite-proofed his room.

We will be going for a skin test soon, the Dr told us to tell him what we want to test for. Is this normal? It seemed a little strange to me. He also didn't want to see us when he gave the meds or before we go for the test. He just said to call up and tell "his girls"  :x what we wanted to test for.

So what would you test for?

Thinking back, the dark circles under his eyes appeared around the time we began solids. This would indicate rice!?!  :shock:  :shock:  DS is half-chinese!!!! My MIL is going to kill me!!!

Title: Skin Prick Test -Update
Post by: Kayna on July 25, 2005, 13:03:37 pm
Hi Nikki, my ds has had skin testing done twice. The first time was strictly for foods and the second for outside elements. I'm not sure exactly how it worked with the foods testing but they did four different things I believe...peanuts, soy, dairy, and wheat. These are the basics but if he is not eating many solids that one should be easy to decide. As for the outside influences our Allergist has a sheet listing all of the different allegens you can test for. He tested for what they called the basic 13. I'll list them for you just so you know but you can decide in the end how you would wanna handle it. HTH. Good luck and keep us posted.

Diluent (This is just a buffered Saline)
Histamine (just test to see how the skin reacts to allergies)

Dust Mite
Cladosporium mix
Major Tree Mix
Minor Tree Mix
Grass Mix
Late Weed Mix
Early Weed Mix

If you have any questions about this please feel free to PM me.
Title: Skin Prick Test -Update
Post by: Livvismum on July 25, 2005, 17:27:57 pm
Hi Nikki

We haven't reached the testing stage yet but it would seem that Kayna has given you some good advice.

It does seem strange that you have to suggest what you want lo tested for rather than the other way around but at least they are testing which is a start. Just remember that ds is quite young still so the testing won't necessarily be conculsive.

Title: Skin Prick Test -Update
Post by: OzMummy on July 26, 2005, 02:37:35 am
Hi! Thank you both for your replies.


At what age did they test your son? Do you think they can test for food and outside elements together? I don't think we have a problem here with pollens and grasses. It's too wet and we live 15 floors up!! But we will try and test for moulds and fungus if they will let us.

As for foods, DS has had a lot of vegetables, some fruit, cereal and soy. No dairy, he's lactose intolerant. I guess we will test for wheat, soy and rice  :shock: I doubt vegies are causing problems, but you never know.


I am not very happy with our ped. He would rather deal with you over the phone than in person! If you need to see him, you need to wait for hours and then only get a few mins with him!!

I have read conflicting views on the age for skin testing. But since they are offering, we will give it a go.

I will keep you posted.

Thanks again for your help!!

Title: Skin Prick Test -Update
Post by: Kayna on July 26, 2005, 19:42:43 pm
Ds was tested for the food allergies around 11 months. He was given Peanut Butter (yes by me, so stupid, I know better now) and had a severe allergic reaction. So he was set up with an allergist and we tested for just those few foods.

He then developed Asthma and was having other allergy symptoms this April which led to the outside element testing when he was 3 and 1/2.

Not sure if you are familiar with skin testing but your lo will get a slight poke for each allergen they test for on his back (that's where they tested ds both times anyway). So for his second round of tests he was poked 13 times. It sounds horrible but it's very effective. They can determine the severity of the allergy this way.

The appt's generally last about an hour to an hour and a half so be prepared to bring something for your lo to play with and definitely a lovey if attached to one (or nukkie). Good luck.
Title: Skin Prick Test -Update
Post by: OzMummy on August 04, 2005, 11:51:50 am
DS had his skin prick test today. The hospital had a set group of allergens they test for with children under 3 so we didn't need to specify. They test for dust mite x 2 (??), soy, cow's milk, egg white and 2 controls. They weren't too keen to test for wheat but they reluctantly did. When we asked about mould they said that is in the dust mite sample. :? They didn't want to test for anything else

The Result: only a slight red mark from one of the dust mite samples (no lump!) so no allergy.

They had another list of foods they test for but the nurse didn't want to test any of those, she said that if it was food related then the reaction would be immediate and around his mouth.

DS has been a lot better since stopping the anti-histamine anyway. We stopped after 2 weeks and he still had sypmtoms, after another week the rash had almost gone and he only has a slight cough. We had stopped wheat, had the aircons professionally cleaned and bought and anti-dustmite covers for DS bed. So we started wheat again this afternoon and see how it goes.

By the way, DS thought the test was funny, he is very ticklish and thought the nurse was tickling him  :)


Title: Skin Prick Test -Update
Post by: Kayna on August 04, 2005, 13:43:09 pm
Thanks for the update Nikki and I'm thrilled that ds doesn't have any of the allergy's tested for. Yay!!! :lol:
Title: Skin Prick Test -Update
Post by: Livvismum on August 04, 2005, 19:43:19 pm
Great news Nikki. Hopefully the symptoms will have gone for good - a passing stage maybe.

Keep in touch

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