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Title: 30-45 minute Naps- What's a Good Awake Time?
Post by: jennbull on July 29, 2005, 13:28:51 pm
Need some help with this one.  My little boy takes only 30-45 minute naps, (tried everyhting to change that and won't work-been doing it since 2 months).  Since he is doing this he seems tired very quickly after waking up-like 1.5 hours of A time only.  He then starts yawning and rubbing his eyes.  Is this too short of an awake time?  How do I increase it without him getting overtired bc of short naps?

Thanks!!! :shock:
Title: 30-45 minute Naps- What's a Good Awake Time?
Post by: girlfromcali on July 29, 2005, 15:03:00 pm
My oldest was the same way.  He would take 45 minute naps and then only be up for 1 - 1.5 hours in between.  He was eating every 2.5 hours until he was nearly 6 months old because of this (so he was eating just as he woke up).  I ask my pediatrician about it when he was 4 months old and he just laughed and said "oh, you've got an active one"  and basically just said that he expends so much energy when he's awake 9even if you can't tell) that he's tired after only 1.5 hours and needs a nap, but because he was only up for 1.5 hours he only needs a short nap.  He's now 2 1/2 years old and I forced him into one nap a day just befor ehis second birthday.  And on some days he still takes 2 naps.  Just go with it  for now and he'll eventually adjust himself to fewer naps.  and if hes taking 4-5 naps a day dont' feel like you always have to be at home for them because otherwise you'll never get anything done.
Title: 30-45 minute Naps- What's a Good Awake Time?
Post by: jennbull on July 29, 2005, 15:09:44 pm
Thanks for replying so fast.  It is good to hear others that have the same problems.  I have been stressing out about this nap thing everday, all day for like two months.  I think your right.  I need to just go with it and not worry so much.  I just read so many books and listen to others and worry about him bc he doesn't sleep much.  Thanks for the encouragment and your right about not getting anything done.  I don't!!!  So thanks and hopefully one day he will sleep better :lol:
Title: 30-45 minute Naps- What's a Good Awake Time?
Post by: Jamasco on July 29, 2005, 15:23:04 pm
I am totally in the same boat!  My dd is 4 months old and averages 45 minute naps.  One hour if I am lucky that day.  I have tried everything and have read every nap message on the message boards but nothing has worked for her.  It is hard to keep her other schedule in tact if her naps are off but I stopped stressing about it the past few weeks.  It was making me and her miserable by trying to force her into longer naps.  I have to listen to her and he queues and that is what she does for now.  She does sleep 11-12 hours a night so I think i should be thankful for that.  Glad to know others are going through the same thing!
Title: 30-45 minute Naps- What's a Good Awake Time?
Post by: Gigismom on July 29, 2005, 18:50:28 pm
my dd is a little older than yours, but we had the same probelm when she was younger.  she would nap for 30-45 mins , then could only sustain a 1.5 hour wake time.  you will eventually have to actively lengthen that awake time for them.  for us, we moved to 1 hour 45 min at about 5 months, then 2 hours by 6 months.  she was a little tired at first, but quickly adjusted.  at about 6.5 months, we moved to 2.5 hour awake time, no problem.  the best part about keeping her up longer is that she then started taking longer naps.  usually they are 1.5 hours now.  i stressed so much over her short naps, but should have spent that time enjoying her.  it all worked out in the end!