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Title: When to use a plate?
Post by: LukasMom on August 04, 2005, 10:12:19 am
My lo is 12 months old.  I took her to a Chinese restaurant and since the high chair had no tray, I had to basically put her food on the table and she ate off of the bare table.  It was a clean table but the staff seemed appalled by this (she did make a horrible mess no matter how you look at it).  They offered her a plate twice, but she doesn't know how to "use" a plate.  She will inspect it for 5 minutes, and then throw it on the floor, and all the food with it.  It's just better if nothing but food is too close to her when she's eating.
When should I try to get her used to the whole plate concept? Maybe I should get a suction plate so when she tries to move it, it won't budge, and then she stops trying? It worked with a chin strap on her hat, so maybe it will work with a plate.
Title: When to use a plate?
Post by: Katet on August 04, 2005, 10:29:29 am
I have been using a plate since ds started eating finger food 8months, I have never used a suction one as he just wanted to try & pull it up... a few times of telling her not to throw it on the floor & she should stop doing it, the longer you leave it the harder it will be to introduce it... I have always treated ds meals like ours (always had a bowl or plate infront of him, even hen he stuck his fingers in the food) & for the last few months he has had to have a plate & knife & fork like us & knows how to use them within reason...some food gets eaten off the knife, but otherwise all is ok
Title: Hmmmm
Post by: LukasMom on August 04, 2005, 11:28:21 am
Hmmm, well, I will try it.  She's not too good at leaving things alone.  She always has to fiddle with everything, see how it works.
You're right that the longer I wait, the more of a wild animal she'll be when I start giving her plates. 
I do think it's time to put her food on a plate and get her used to the object.  I just don't forsee a time in the near future when she won't immediately inspect the plate, try to eat the plate, and then throw the plate. 
I hope this doesn't turn out like that scene from the Helen Keller movie.  It seems like it's going in that direction.  :?
Title: When to use a plate?
Post by: tylersmommy on August 04, 2005, 13:09:44 pm
We still haven't done plates with Tyler (19 mo). We found a nifty little rubber mat that we take out to dinner and put his food on. It suctions to the table. I've seen them at Target, Babies R Us, and the One Step Ahead website. It definitely contains the mess!
Title: When to use a plate?
Post by: carolyn on August 04, 2005, 13:31:28 pm
Try using a plastic toddler plate at home with every meal.  She will learn to keep it on the table. And then you will be able to give her a little plate when you go out.  Tracy points out in the toddler book that you have to practice at home what you want your child to do in public. 

My personal opinion is that a 12 month is old enough to start eating like a big girl.  If she is eating the same foods as you, she can eat them off a plate instead of the table.  If the problem is simply that she throws the plate on the floor, then you need to work with her and help her understand that you don't throw plates on the floor.  You might want to make sure you use a small plate so it doesn't overwhelm her.

I started a plastic plate with John when he started finger foods.  I also used the rubber mat when we went out for a while.  I've never heard anyone say that the suction plates and bowls work well.  And I keep a few of the disposable placemats that stick to the table in the car.  You could even keep some small paper plates in the diaper bag or car if you think it will work better for you.
Title: When to use a plate?
Post by: Stacie:Emma&Josh Mom on August 04, 2005, 22:38:30 pm
Depending on where you are, you can buy disposable placemats that you use as a place setting.  They have two strips of adhesive on them that attach to the table and keep it in place.  We put dd's food right onto this when we go out because she's still training with a plate, although we're close to giving her one at restaurants finally.  We started giving her one at about 16 months or so I think (a plastic one, only at home) and she's getting better and better about not throwing it.  At first it was just a toy, but after MANY warnings of not throwing cause then the food will be gone, she's finally learning to keep it on the table.  I'm still nervous giving her a "real" one when we're out, but we're almost there.  Practice makes perfect.  Good luck!
Title: Practice
Post by: LukasMom on August 11, 2005, 05:49:11 am
You know, those suction plates really don't work well.   :? I was at a friend's house and we tried one of theirs. She immediately pulled it off of the table.

She's kind of "handy" I guess. She recently removed the toilet lock from the toilet, too.  I think she might be a car mechanic when she grows up.

I'm afraid I'm not inclined to give her a table mat for the same reason. When I was teaching her to tear up tortillas I inadvertantly taught her to tear things up, and that's what she'd do to a table mat.

I was able to get her to use a bowl (YAY!) with some dry cereal in it.  I've been giving her a spoon again but so far, she does not use it. Just chews on it.

She also used a plate for a short duration while the food was on it. The second she finished the food, the plate became a toy. So I guess I just have to watch her more closely to teach her this, and take the plate away before that happens.

Thanks, we'll keep trying!
Title: When to use a plate?
Post by: Seona1973 on August 11, 2005, 11:41:47 am
I have always used some sort of plastic plate/bowl/tub for my dd's food. In the early days it was what I offered her her finger foods out of and she always had a bowl of something on her highchair tray - it always helped to distract her when she wasnt so interested in what I was offering.  I did try the suction bowls but they were pretty useless so she just gets a normal one instead. I have also always offered her a bit of cutlery to hold - when she was younger it was a plastic weaning spoon and now she gets a childrens fork and spoon (plastic handle with metal bottom part) although she has recently started asking for the knife too.
Title: It's going to take awhile...
Post by: LukasMom on August 14, 2005, 08:43:51 am
We have continued to try using a bowl or a plate for her food at meals.  She does have toddler silverware too.  She'll pick things off of the plate or bowl for awhile, but eventually she can't reach something, so she starts pushing things around and dumps the bowl or drops the plate over the side.  She will hold a utensil but doesn't use it. 
I guess you could say she has made some progress in that she will eat from a bowl or plate for about 5 minutes.  I guess we are going to be going to those "family-oriented" restaurants A LOT.   :wink:
I hate to be the heavy about this since eating is something she really enjoys.  I'm going to keep practicing with the bowl and plate, but not put too much stress on her either.  She'll learn in time, if she keeps watching me eat.
Title: When to use a plate?
Post by: lele on August 16, 2005, 20:17:23 pm
If nothing else I carry a little pack of disinfectant wipes in the diaper bag and if there is nothing else to put on the table I at least wipe it off really good.  I also sometimes put the paper children’s menu under his food.  A lot of times the restaurants don't offer ds a plate but I am sure they would give me one if I asked.
Title: Some progress
Post by: LukasMom on August 19, 2005, 09:45:36 am
Oh yeah, I'm a BIG disinfecter.  My dad was neutropenic for awhile so we're loaded down with antibacterial agents at my house. 

She's been eating fairly well out of a bowl for the last week.  She doesn't throw the bowl until the end of the meal when she gets bored (well at least there is a method to her madness).  She will eat off of a plate too, but I don't always have a small one handy...anyway, she does the cutest thing sometimes.  I guess she wants to see what's in the bowl better, so she very carefully shakes the bowl until all the food comes out, and then she puts things she doesn't like back into the bowl!   :lol:

I think she's getting it, she's been using a spoon a little too.  She also learned to take her own bib off when I ask her to--so cute!